Golden Grains Offers the Best Rice Varieties for Christmas Celebrations


It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. The air is chillier but the heart warmer and ready for  abundance. The Filipino appetite is indeed ready for anything! 

When Filipinos celebrate love, we do it with family and we go big on food. This is evident in  some food fare we prepare especially for the season. Sometimes we add special twists and  throw more ingredients in staple recipes to make our Noche Buena taste more special,  stuffing stomachs with food prepared for the season with love.  

Golden Grains PH has been a part of Filipinos’ kitchen since its launch in 1986. It has also  provided many Christmas celebrations with the best of grain varieties the brand has to offer.  The fancier versions of the season’s popular rice dishes like Paella, or if you’re feeling a bit  more local - Bringhe, are somehow brought forth by the best of Golden Grains.  

Even as a simply cooked dish, the Golden Grains’ rice is never boring because somehow it is  always aromatic and appetizing. This Christmas, as rice is paired with gigantic dishes like the  Lechon, Stuffed Chicken, Beef Caldereta and the likes, Golden Grains PH is even more  grateful for the many ways this staple food has never disappointed many rice lovers through  the years especially in this most festive season. 

Choosing the right rice is pivotal in crafting a dish that resonates with the festive spirit. Here  are some ways to have a Merry Christmas with Golden Grains’ Rice: 

Make the Perfect Paella Recipe with Dinurado Aromatic Rice  

The key to a perfect Paella lies in the meticulous choice of rice, and Golden Grains’ Dinurado  emerges as a champion in this celebratory culinary adventure. This premium rice variety  possesses a remarkable absorption ability, striking the delicate balance between tenderness  and resilience.  

What sets Dinurado apart is its exceptional consistency, making it the ideal canvas for  absorbing the rich tapestry of flavors inherent in a well-crafted paellera. The grains serve as  culinary sponges, soaking up the essence of saffron, the depth of broth, and the succulence  of meats, creating a symphony of taste that delights the palate. 

In the realm of Paella perfection, let Golden Grains’ Dinurado Rice be your trusted  companion, elevating your culinary prowess and ensuring that every grain tells a tale of  excellence, from the aroma that wafts through the air to the delightful texture that dances on  your tongue. 

Elevate Staple Dishes with Golden Grains’ Specialty Rice - Thai Jasmine Rice  

Opportunities to share joy and abundance with loved ones abound during this festive  season. As we gather to celebrate, the versatility of rice becomes a canvas for creating  unforgettable culinary experiences. While Fried Rice remains a beloved staple year-round,  this season beckons us to elevate it to new heights. Enter the exquisite Pineapple and Prawn  Fried Rice, a delectable fusion of flavors, where each grain tells a story of celebration. 

Golden Grains’ Thai Jasmine, named after the delicate Jasmine flower, with its long-grain  elegance and a distinctive blend of floral notes and buttery richness, this rice transcends the  ordinary, transforming a simple meal into a symphony of tastes and textures. Abundant in fiber and essential nutrients, it not only tantalizes the taste buds but also nourishes the body,  making every bite a celebration of both indulgence and well-being.  

As we come together to savor the season's delights, let the Pineapple and Prawn Fried Rice  made with Golden Grains’ Thai Jasmine be the centerpiece of your festivities. With each  spoonful, create lasting memories and relish the joy of sharing a meal that transcends  tradition, adding a touch of elegance and nutrition to the season's festivities. 

Pick both Quality and Affordability with Sinandomeng and Maharlika 

Golden Grains PH offers its customers with many alternatives. The Sinandomeng Rice and  Maharlika rice varieties are very popular not just for their good qualities but for their  affordability as well. After all, no matter how grandiose and hefty all the other holiday dishes  are, rice eaters will never disregard the quality of their staple rice. Rice is life. Rice is home.  And yes, Rice is a part of the Filipino Christmas season.  

Make the Best Kakanin Platter with Golden Grains Malagkit Rice  

Two of the most well loved Kakanin that literally flies off the Christmas table are Suman and  Biko. Suman, the quintessential rice cake, is a dish that has many variants depending on  where you are in the country, but in essence it is a steamed dish comprising of glutinous rice  cooked in coconut milk and tightly wrapped in palm leaves.  

Biko is another rice cake variety and favorite dessert made with glutinous rice, coconut milk  and dark sugar. Both dishes are so good especially if the glutinous rice is assured in quality  marked by the Golden Grains’ brand. 

Whatever the menu you are crafting for this year’s Noche Buena, we hope Golden Grains  takes part in your stories of love, laughter, and delicious moments created around your  Filipino Christmas tables! 

Golden Grains is a quality brand under REJ Commercial Corporation that was launched on  October 1987 amidst political turmoil in the Philippines. It has emerged as a sturdy brand  despite the challenges through the years because of its high quality and homegrown rice  products coming directly from known rice granaries of Mindoro, Nueva Ecija, and Isabela.


Packaged rice brand of sealed-in freshness and quality rice products from REJ Commercial  Corporation offering everyday consumption Filipino rice varieties, specialty rice, platinum  plus rice types and Healthy Alternative organic rice options.  


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Established as a wholesaler of agricultural products primarily on milled rice, sugar, and corn.  With prudent management and sound business practices, the company steadily grew and  has always been able to offer high-quality products at very competitive prices. Soon, the  company entered the rice repacking business with the brand name GOLDEN GRAINS.

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