MANILA, Philippines, April 2023 — On March 31moms were treated to a one-of-a-kind learning experience at the Edsa Shangri-La Grand Isla Ballroom at The 5 Pro Edge Experience – an interactive exhibit that visualizes different areas of children’s development.

An immersive affair at the 5 Pro Edge Experience


The 5 Pro Edge Experience by Nestlé NANKID® was a physical space where parents could immerse themselves in the science behind childhood development. Although holistic parenting has been a buzz word for quite a while, the exhibit took it to the next level – as parents learned more about different areas of children’s development: Immunity, Allergy Prevention, Brain Development, Growth and Digestion. The ambitious but educational exhibit provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about theimportance of a child’s holistic development in an immersive environment, with interactive moments in each of the five key stations.


Marketing Lead for NANKID® Aubrey Iñigo during her opening message shared NANKID’s commitment to partnering with parents in supporting children’s holistic development. She explained how the new NANKID® INFINIPRO® HA with its most scientifically advanced 5 Pro Edge formula is designed to support the different areas of children’s development, so that parents can feel confident about nourishing their children’s holistic development today and opening up infinite possibilities in the future.

Holistic Approach to Parenting for the modern parent


The morning was capped off with a panel session with moms that believe in holistic approach in parenting – Patty Laurel-Filart, host and bloggerXandra Rocha, entrepreneur and wellness enthusiast; and Juana Yupangco, writer and advocate for healthy living. To support the discussion with facts backed by evidence and research, the panel included Ms. Riza Ng, a clinic psychologist with specialization on Parenting & Family and faculty member of the Ateneo Bulatao Center.

L-R: Anne Gauthier, Patty Laurel-FilartXandra Rocha, Juana YupangcoRiza Ng

During the panel discussion, they were able to delve into a variety of topics about children’s development, serving as a debrief to what they were able to experience in the exhibit. The panelists described the 5 Pro Edge Experience as interactive, mind-blowing, and enjoyable as they were able to take away key learnings as moms themselves. Among the topics discussed were the importance of holistic approach in parenting, a parent’s concerns about raising children in an ever-changing world, andthe role of nutrition in holistic growth for children. According to Ms. Riza, holistic development includes physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth of children.  


As the moms on the panel shared their challenges that come with raising pre-schoolersnavigating motherhood as first-time momsfinding balance and being present in their children’s lives, and helping manage their children’s emotionsRiza also recommended tips that aims to address these concerns"when you’re more mindful and present for yourself and your children, then that also allows you to practice a holistic approach in parenting. You should also acknowledge and validate the fact that you're doing your best already.”


Event host and mother Anne Gauthier shared insight during the event, saying, “pre-school years are very important as this is when they go through a period of accelerated growth, when they lay strong foundations for his health, and when a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Our children have so much potential waiting to be unlocked, and really, our role as parents is to nourish and support their holistic development so they can achieve infinite possibilities.”


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