Fast and Convenient Way to Claim Your Certificates Via PSA Helpline


Let’s admit it, we want convenience and ease when it comes to dealing with government services. As much as possible, we want to avoid long lines and time-consuming processes if we want to avail some of the most important services from our government.

This goes for important certifications that are much required when we are applying for certain things. Some examples of said certifications are Birth Certificates, CENOMAR, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates. 

So what’s the best way to apply for these certificates at the comfort of our homes? This via . Their website is my go-to when it comes to certifications that I need. 

Here’s a little step by step guide to help you apply for any certification that you need from PSA Birth Certificate Online Application

1. Input your personal information 

2. Choose what certification you are requesting and for whom

3. From the dropdown menu choose your information. Don’t forget to type your other personal details too. 

4. Choose if your certification was registered late and if it’s under any legal proceedings. 

5. Choose your correct delivery details. 

Lastly, choose the payment that is convenient for you. 

My orders took only around 2-3 business days before it arrived on my doorstep. So convenient and fast! And I didn’t have to leave my home. I am also thankful to Mommy  Bloggers Philippines for giving me an idea on where I can easily get our certificates. 

I fully recommend that you order your important certifications thru the PSA Online Application website. It’s easy, simple, and super convenient! PSA Birth Certificate Online Application

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