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Skincare is a top priority for me when it comes to my kids. Since they are still very young and their skin is prone to irritation, I want to make sure that the products that I’ll use on them is safe and effective. 

For me, it will always be Johnson & Johnson’s - the leading brand when it comes to baby skincare needs. And moms can stuck up on their products through Shopee’s Brand Spotlight. 

Here are some of my favorite Johnson & Johnson’s products:

Johnson’s Milk + Rice Bath and Lotion 

Your baby can now enjoy smoother and healthier skin with its new and improved formulation. It is now creamier with 100% more milk protein plus rice extracts for smoother skin. 

Johnson’s Cotton Touch Face and Body Lotion 

Designed to protect baby's sensitive skin from allergens and rashes and leaves no unwanted residue. It is gentle for newborn skin. It is a unique water-based lotion blended with natural cotton. 

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