Join Shopee Moms Club & Score Huge Discounts on Baby Dove Products and Other Unilever Beauty Products!


Shopee, the leading E-Commerce platform in the country invite Mommies to join the Shopee Moms Club. The Shopee Moms Club is a community that offers Best Deals for Moms, Parents, and Parents-To-Be so they can provide the best for their little ones. 

Shopee Mom’s Club Benefit:

When you join the Shopee Mom’s Club, you will get awesome member benefits such as Welcome Gift, Exclusive Discounts and Vouchers. You can also easily find the items you are looking for through their Curated Collections.

Aside from these benefits, Moms and Parents can get tips and ideas from their Mom-Centric Livestream Topics. Surely, moms can have fun shopping and get know-hows too! 

Brand Eclusive Discounts:

When you join the Shopee Mom’s Club, you will get brand exclusive discounts to all the brands you love. Unilever, the brand that brings you your beloved products for your personal care, is part of the Shopee Mom’s Club. 

You can score huge discounts on their products such as Baby Dove at Shopee Mom’s Club Mondays. Here are some of the Baby Dove products you can stock up on:

 Baby Dove Hair to Toe Wash Sensitive Moisture Refill 220ml

Tear-free and hypoallergenic baby wash and shampoo that helps moisturize your babys’ delicate skin to keep it soft.  

Baby Dove Sensitive Wipes 

Mild and non-irritating, Baby Dove Sensitive Wipes is as gentle as water and can be used all over. It leaves your babys’ skin clean, smooth, and free from impurities. 

Baby Shark Bath Towel

Super cute and fun to use bath towel for our little ones. Make bath time a super fun time with the Baby Shark bath towel. 

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