Celebrate National Eczema Awareness with Shopee & Aveeno Baby! October is National Eczema Awareness Month


Our babies at a very young age are more prone to skin flare-ups. Their young skin is at a sensitive phase that will need more attention and care for us Moms. This is why we should always choose products that are safe, effective, and are made of all-natural products that aims to make sensitive skin types more protected. 

Shopee, the leading online shopping platform in the country together with Aveeno Baby, the country’s leading baby skincare line is celebrating NATIONAL ECZEMA AWARENESS MONTH this October. The celebration aims to bring more knowledge and solution to parents with children who are experiencing skin flare-ups. 

As a Mom myself, I have experienced being worried and stressed over skin problems of my kids. I have trusted Aveeno Baby since the first time I used it on my kids. Some of the things I love about Aveeno Baby Dermexa Moisturizing Cream:

✅ It has colloidal oatmeal skin protectant + Vitamin B5 

✅ It has been clinically proven to relieve itchy, irritated skin due to extreme dryness

✅ It’s hypoallergenic, fragance-free, and steroid free 

✅ It is a US Pediatrician and Dermatologist recommended brand

✅ It’s non-greasy, pH Balanced 

✅ It’s free of paraben, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, & steroids 

I love how it leaves my baby’s skin super moisturized and so soft to the touch. It makes my baby more huggable! 

My other Aveeno Baby product favorite is Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash . Here are my favorite things about this baby wash:

It’s made of natural oatmeal + Provitamin B5

✅ It’s clinically shown to gently cleanse baby’s eczema-prone skin 

✅ It has soothing and nourishing properties

✅ It leaves the skin feeling comfortable after washing

Since it’s a special month to be more aware about the effects of eczema and how to relieve skin flare ups, Aveeno is offering 30% off of their products when you buy from their official Shopee Store .

Stock up on these new and improved Aveeno Baby products for your little one’s superior skin protection. No more dryness, itching, redness, flaring, and stinging leaving us Moms a happy and comfortable baby! 

You can easily download the Shopee app on your iOs and Android devices. Click here. Happy Shopee Shopping! 

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