My Top 5 Johnson & Johnson’s Product Faves

I can’t remember not having Johnson & Johnson’s products at home. I just know that at every stage of our lives, there is a J&J product that is suitable for our needs. This is why through the years, we make sure that Johnson & Johnson’s products is part of our shopping list. 

From my younger years and now that I am a Mom, I have a Johnson & Johnson’s product that I always use and can’t imagine my life without. And at present, I also use them on my kids. 

Here are my Top 5 Johnson & Johnson’s products that are non-negotiable every time I go to the store: 

This cleanser has gotten me through my teen years up to now. This gentle foaming cleanser has made sure that my skin is dirt and oil-free so I won’t worry about acne on my skin. 

It contains Amino-Micellar Technology to deep cleanse the pores and remove acne-causing bacterias. It is dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic. 

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel 50g 

It’s super lightweight and non-sticky. It has BARRIERCARE technology that ensures to boost skin’s hydration levels that will keep the skin refreshed, clean, and hydrated. It’s soap-free, oil-free, no added parabens and hypoallergenic. It’s perfect for sensitive skin. 

3. Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion 354ml

This is one of my most favorite products. It can reduce itching from the skin in as fast as 2 minutes after applying. It can significantly improve the 4 symptoms of sensitive skin - itching, scaling, roughness, and dryness after 2 weeks of use. I also love that it’s non-sticky and scent-free.

This is my favorite for my babies! It smells so good and I know that Johnson & Johnson’s products are backed by science. It leaves them feeling refreshed after every bath and their skin is left soft and smooth making it so irresistable for me to kiss and cuddle my babies! 

Listerine has been keeping our breaths refreshed for so many years now. It has less intense minty taste and helps maintain gum health. This is a non-negotiable for us! 

These products have been part of our family over the years. Not only are they science-based solutions but I know that Johnson & Johnson’s is obsessed with making sure that what touches our skin has gone through extensive research. Now, I am sure that only the best skin health products touches our skin. 

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