The Magic of Disney Princesses: Join Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration and Get 50% off on Your Favorite Disney Princess Products on Shopee

 “For every girl who dreams big, there’s a princess to show her it’s possible.” 

Who was never inspired by any one of Disney’s beloved and strong princesses in their lifetime? The Disney princesses who have proven that having courage and being kind can change your destiny and inspire the world. 

I could not remember a chapter in my childhood where there wasn’t at least one Disney princess that I didn’t want to emulate. As I grew older, the lessons and inspirations are still with me. This is how strong their influence is. 

Shopee, the country’s leading e-commerce platform has teamed up with Disney in the global Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration! And I am excited for it! You can get up to 50% off on your favorite Disney products! 

Let me share with you my favorites: 

Disney Frozen II Elsa Cute Backpack

My girls and I really loved Frozen. The love for family especially your siblings has imbedded Elsa and Anna into our hearts. 

This cute backpack can be bought from Shopee at P500. It has Adjustable Backpack Straps, Haul Loop and Left and Right Side Mesh Pockets. 

Disney Princess Shimmering Song Rapunzel Singing Doll


Who wouldn’t fall in love with this trusting, loving, yet determined princess? She has been hidden from the world and yet made a world of her own where music and art made her complete. Her love for her “Mother” was genuine even if she wasn’t really her real one. 

Dressed in a shimmering doll where the bodice lights up as she sings. Hear one of our favorite songs from its soundtrack, “When will my life begin,” little girls and young at hearts will truly love this doll! 

Disney Princess Plush Doll Set (Set of 6pcs) which you can buy from Disney’s Official Store! 

This set includes some of my most beloved Disney princesses that my own princesses are learning to love too like Snow White who has taught us that to see the good in all and everything and that being trusting doesn’t mean being gullible. 

Princess Jasmine is strong-willed and defiant. Not one to back down from an argument to fight for what she believes in and what is right. A trait I truly want my daughters to emulate. 

Princess Ariel has taken her curiousity into action and she listened to her heart. Her determination is a good example that you can get things done if you can just put your mind into it. 

There so many brave and beautiful Disney princesses to love and celebrate. They have taught me about kindness and courage, being true to oneself. And I hope my kids will love them all of them too. 

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Disney Princess Foodkeeper and Waterbottle Set:

Frozen Pouch Set:

We are never too old to celebrate these Disney princesses. The ones who were part of our childhood and can be part of our children’s childhood memories too! 

“Celebrate these strong princesses that have inspired us over generations, proving that we can change our destinies and impact the world through courage & kindness!”

You can download the Shopee app on your iOS and Android devices. Click here. 

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