PROMAMA: Nutritional Support that Every Pregnant Woman Needs. Get it from Shopee!

They say, one of the best days in a woman’s life is that day she becomes a mother. This is the time when another person’s life becomes more important than your own. This is why it is important to take the necessary steps in ensuring a happy and healthy pregnancy. It is a must to take the important nutrition that your pregnant body needs. 

Wyeth, the leader in nutrition has PROMAMA Maternal Milk Supplement and PROMAMA G-Balance. Both are formulated to support a pregnant woman’s nutritional needs. These products are all available on Shopee, the country’s leading e-commerce platform. 

PROMAMA G-Balance 

PROMAMA G-Balance is a food supplement for pregnant woman. It containt Myo-Inositol and Probiotics that may help regulate blood sugar levels. It can be taken 2 times a day - in the morning and evening. 

PROMAMA G-Balance Box of 60 sachets x 2.86grams is available on their Shopee Official Store for P1449 pesos. 

PROMAMA Maternal Milk Supplement 

The complete and proper intake of milk is one of the most important parts of a mother’s pregnancy journey. PROMAMA Maternal Milk Supplement contains important nutrients such as DHA, Choline, Calcium, Vitamin D, Probiotic (Oligofructose), and Zinc. 

It also contains Folic Acid and Iron which are essential during the critical stages of bearing a child. Now with A2 B-Casein Milk which comes from cows specifically selected and Spingomyelin which is a type of phospholipid derived from Whey Protein. 

PROMAMA Maternal Milk Supplement 350g is available on their Shopee Official Store for only P376 pesos. 

Enjoy the best days of your pregnancy with PROMAMA. Help ensure a healthy pregnancy with the nutrition that your pregnant body needs. 

You can easily download the Shopee App on your iOS or Android Devices! Happy Shopee Shopping Mamas! 

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