Why You Should Switch to Eco-Friendly Products

Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner

There was a time when we didn’t have to check if the products that we buy are eco-friendly. Then, all manufacturers claim that their products are made out of natural materials. But then again, over time, there have so many toxic materials and chemicals found on some of our household products. And since our family’s health and safety is of utmost importance, using eco-friendly products has never been more crucial. 

I have four young kids. All of which are have different sensitivities and this is the reason I make sure that the products I buy are safe and eco-friendly. From handwash, body wash, sanitizers, shampoos, and lotions. Not only do I want to makes sure that they are safe but also for them to learn the value of being friendly to our environment. 

Messy Bessy Fruit and Veggie Sanitizing Wash

At home, we have been slowly transitioning to using eco-friendly products. And when you say eco-friendly, these are products that are less or not harmful at all to the environment. I guess, the global clamor for switching to environment-friendly products has rubbed off on me too. 

If you are considering making the switch too, here are 3 good reasons that I am sharing with you: 

1. Lower costs - most of eco-friendly products use sustainable materials, this is why I also want you to check whether the packaging is eco-friendly too. When they use cheaper but sturdy materials, the products won’t be so expensive which means less expenses for you. 

2. Reusable - this is one thing I noticed about eco-friendly home products such as Messy Bessy, their containers/bottles are reusable, their packaging are eco-friendly too. 

3. Safe on your skin- Messy Bessy products are mostly plant-based. Some contain green tea extract and aloe vera which are mostly safe to use and moisturizing on your skin. 

But what I like most is that when you purchase a Messy Bessy product, you are also helping to change a life. Some of the proceeds of their sales go to helping a scholar while you do less harm to the environment and keeping everything around you clean. Plus, their products smells sooo nice too! 

The Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner gives me peace of mind because I can see that it cleans any surface of our home completely. It’s not greasy and it smells super nice! I like the minty orange scent. I love anything fruity. My other favorite is the Messy Bessy Fruit and Veggie Sanitizing Wash, after washing our fruits with water, I spray a little and wipe them with clean cloth. It didn’t really interfere with the fruit’s taste. 

Messy Bessy The BIG Little Warrior Sanitizer Green Tea 

I fell in love with Messy Bessy’s The Little Warrior Sanitizer Green Tea. Not only because I like the smell of green tea but because this sanitizer is not greasy and doesn’t feel rough on the skin. It’s like you don’t have to wear your cologne, this is enough to keep you smelling fresh! I love it. 

Messy Bessy Hand Cream Bamboo Fresh

I have problems with rough skin on my palms. So I really avoid products that make them even more rough or greasy. I enjoyed using Messy Bessy Hand Cream Bamboo Fresh because it literally felt soft on my palms without the irritating oily and slippery feels. It smells great too. 

On the other hand, my handwashing habit is into overdrive since the pandemic started. I really wash my hands regularly to make sure that I don’t bring home unwanted virus and bacteria to keep my family safe. The Messy Bessy Hand and Body Wash Bamboo Fresh in 50ml bottle is very handy. You can make sure you will have clean hands wherever you go. 

Messy Bessy Hand and Body Wash Bamboo Fresh 50ml

You see, any damage that you can avoid from making to our environment is a wonderful thing. When you purchase and continue using eco-friendly products, it provides better benefits to your health too. 

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