Quarantine Halloween Activities You can do at Home with Your Kids

Ok, so the most spooktacular day of the year is here once again. I know we are all going through a very difficult time because of the pandemic and all. But our kids still deserve to have fun on that one day each year where they can dress up and enjoy their share of sweets.

But then again, we are on quarantine and kids are not really allowed to go out of the house unless it’s for important reasons. I think this is the time for us Mommies to be more creative so our kids can still enjoy a Quarantined Halloween. Here are 5 Halloween ideas that you can do at home:

1.     1.  Set up a spooky tablescape for Halloween dinner. – Use Halloween themed plates and glasses. Add a touch of ghost leaves, mini-pumpkins or ghost cutleries cover. Don’t forget to prepare Halloween themed meals too!

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2.    2.   Organize a Halloween Scavenger Hunt! – No matter how small or big your house is, or you do it outside or inside the home, this game is sure to bring lots of Halloween fun for you and your kids. Leave funny or spooky clues and make sure the kids will get sweet treasures during the hunt.

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3.      3. Bake Halloween Themed breads and pastries – If you’re fond of baking cakes or cookies from scratch and want to create a worthwhile bonding moments with your kids during Halloween, then this is a perfect activity to include on Halloween night. Make pumpkin cookies, ghost shaped bread or zombie cakes!

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4.    4.  Halloween Movie Marathon – Watch at least 2 or 3 Halloween themed movies with your kids. Make sure to prepare Halloween themed snacks and drinks. Set the mood by decorating your entertainment are with Halloween themed decors too!

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5.      5. Set up Trick or Treat Candy Stations on every part of your home – Give your kids the feel that they are still trick or treating by designing each part of your home with different simple Halloween designs. Hand them pumpkin baskets and let them collect candies from around the house.

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Being quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t observe celebrations that you traditionally do with family and friends each year. No matter how simple or small the gathering with just you and your kids, there’s no reason not to give them an awesome Halloween. Be creative and don’t forget to make it a family affair by including the kids in the preparation and celebration!

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