My Latest Sulit Mommy Find : Personalized Bibs from Bibs Manila

My 8 month old Chichi sporting her personalized bib. 

There is something wonderful about having your stuff personalized. Aside from letting others know that it is “yours”, it also reflects your style and personality. 

Not only does personalized stuff make a great collection for you, but it is also a nice idea for gifts. It makes the person you’re gifting it to feel that you have put a lot of thought to their presents. 

As a Mom, I also like having my whales’ stuff personalized. I have four, so imagine the mess it causes when one thinks one took the stuff of another. A total riot! So my solution is to put names on their things to avoid confusion. 

My Latest Mommy Find

So recently, I have discovered Bibs Manila. Bibs Manila is a small homebased business that offers bespoke pieces such as baby bibs. I believe it was launched just last year and up to now, they continue to provide fun and function to Mommies and babies. 

I have an 8 month old who’s just starting to enjoy eating solid foods and drools a lot, so imagine my delight when I found these personalized pieces that is both fashionable, functional and fun for my baby. 

Many Designs to Choose From 

It took me a while to choose the style of my Chichi’s bibs. Why? Because they have a myriad of designs that are all lovely and believe me, you will want to have them all! 

Here are some of the styles and designs they have:

For those who like the outdoors, these are some of the designs that will take your imagination to the beach or park. 

Some babies are drawn to animals, happy prints and fruity things. They have that too! 

I also like how their design’s are gender neutral. Whatever design you choose, it surely will fit the gender of your baby.
More Than Cleaning Up The Mess 

Bibs have now leaped past its simple purpose of wiping our babies little mess, it is also now part of their style. I also love how their cloth smoothly glides across my Chichi’s skin. It doesn’t have that rough feel that my baby doesn’t like. 

My Bibs Manila choices have now become part of Chichi’s OOTD. Here are some of the designs I chose for her:

These pretty flamingo prints are super nice to look at! 

I was quickly drawn to this dreamcatcher designed bib - it looks so clean and pleasing to look at! 

As I browsed through the multitude of designs they have on the website, I wanted to add every design to my cart! The best part is that they took no more than 3 days to deliver my orders. It was smooth and quick and I immediately took photos of my Chichi wearing her bibs. 

If you would like to order your baby’s own personalized bibs, you can send them a direct message through their Instagram account - @BibsManila  or through their website Bibs Manila

Mommies, just make sure you have a lot of self-control handy because you will want to have all their designs! Happy Shopping! ☺️

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