Get Discounts on Promil Gold Four on Shopee this July

We all want what’s best for our children. Their mental and physical growth is of high importance especially as our kids slowly learns to satisfy their curiousity. During this period, our kids need a strong mind and body so they can be brain, body, and people smart.

So it is important to choose the right formula to supplement their growing needs. Promil Gold Four contains Gold Biofactor System that will help support strong mind and body for a child’s advanced growth. 

Shopee, the country’s leading online shopping platform will be holding a sale on Promil Gold Four where you can get up to 35% on Promil Gold Four. Get Promil Gold Four Powdered Milk Drink for over 3 years old 7.2kg (1.8kg box of 4) at a discounted price when you buy from Wyeth Nutrition’a official Shopee store. 

Promil Gold Four for Over 3 Years Old 5.4kg and Promil Gold Four for Preschoolers Over 3 Years Old (Bag in box 1.8kg) are also available in Shopee at a lower price. Promil Four Gold can be purchased at the Wyeth Official Shopee Store.

You can download the Shopee App on IOS or Google play. Click this link. . 

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