Money Challenge: Can You Do It? 5 Money Saving Tips for the Financially Challenged Pinoy Like Me 😉

New year means new goals, new plans, and new dreams for each one of us. More often than not, what tops our lists is wanting to save money for different purposes. Who doesn’t want to be finally financially independent this year, right? 

Lately, money saving challenges seem to be the big thing. We’ve all seen different success stories on television or social media platforms that show a more unique approach to saving money. And nowadays, more Pinoys opt to be the one telling their story rather than sitting on the sidelines admiring those who have achieved their money goals. 

The hype on money saving challenge seem to have started from blogger Kuripot Pinay who put her own spin on the challenge based on a foreign template. From then on, Pinoys, creative and wise people that we are, came up with different versions that fits our income bracket, lifestyle, and end goals. 

So if you are old school like me who prefer seeing my money where I put it and want make saving money a habit that I want my children to emulate- here are 5 money saving challenge suggestions I have for you dear readers:
1. Peso Sense Ipon Challenge 2020 - save up to P76,750 upon completion. 

This challenge will only require you to shade out each circle on the template after you have set aside the amount on the specified brackets. 

Here I suggest that you start off small so that you won’t feel too pressured to produce the bigger amounts. 

This is fairly easy to follow because you can easily download their template. All you need to do is save and shade. 
2. Invisible Money Challenge - the amount you save depends on how much you are willing and able to set aside. 
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This has yet to be the most popular of all the money challenges I’ve encountered. The reason is that it gives you the freedom to decide how much you want to set aside. It could be 20 50 100 peso bills. Depends on you. 

This challenge means you treat your money as invisible. The moment it reaches your hand, you automatically set it aside so you won’t be tempted to spend it. 

You also have the liberty to decide for how long you want to save your money depending on your goals. Some do it for 6 months others to a year.

1 month - 20 pesos x 5 days for 4 weeks and 3 days= you have 460 pesos this January minus the weekends. 

Let’s say, each month has the same number of weeks, you have 2,760 at your 6th month of saving. This is just an example. Of course you will want to have bigger savings than that. 

3.Couple Ipon Challenge by Chinkee Tan the amount you save also depends on your agreement as a couple. 

Same as #1, this ipon (saving) challenge is also flexible but has specific goals for each amount. What I like about this is that you and your partner are both given the responsibility to save. There is lesser pressure and you have an added couple activity to do that means hitting your goals by the end of the scheme. 

Also, the good thing about it is that goals are specified so you won’t have to divide your savings upon completion. There’s travel, payday, future home, and monthsary savings. The disadvantage is that you are not sure whether this will make you closer as a couple or end up unsure of the future. (May hugot? 😜

4. Loose Change Saving Challenge - again, the amount you save depends on how much you decide to put aside.
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This is probably the most basic and old school challenge of them all. Not only did we experience this but our kids can easily do this to. This encourages them to acquire the habit of saving. 

Basically, what you need to do is to set aside your spare change in a coinbank or whatever container you want to use. Others use creative ways by putting stickers on mason jars, labelling jars for their specific goals as motivation. 

This could also be a fun activity to do with your kids if you want to instill financial responsibility in them at an early age. 

5. 50k Money Challenge Box - save P50,000 or more upon finishing the challenge. 

This is my most favorite challenge right now guys. Not only because this is the one I am challenging myself to accomplish this year but also because I was able to purchase this super cute wooden money box from Kids Furniture Ph to motivate me to save even more. 

It also fairly easy to accomplish because at the back of the box, there is a checklist or circles to shade once you are able to feed your box for the day. Right now, I am trying to finish the smaller amounts of P10, P20,P50, and P100 first before the bigger amounts so there’s less pressure on my part. 

Since I feel that I’ll be able to finish it by the first half of this year, I plan to purchase another so that I end up saving P100,000 pesos by the end of 2020. 

You see, saving money, heck, handling money has always been a constant struggle for me. So I really want to make saving money a habit since I already 4 little whales depending on me for their needs. 

I divided my goals into 5 different sections - kids needs, travel, future home, education, and life savings. I know this is not enough though, so I went ahead and applied VUL’s (Variable Life Insurance) for me and my whales. 

So whatever your wants and needs are, it is now easy to reach because of the money challenges you can choose from these days.  And my wish for all of us who are taking on a money saving challenge this year is that we accomplish it and not be tempted by the fleeting gratification of spending on things we don’t really need.

So, what challenge have you decided to do? Let’s share ideas in the comments section. Good luck guys and I hope this helps you in your financial journey! 

*This is not a sponsored post. 

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  1. So cute ng wooden money box,maraming salamat sa pagshare mo ng Ipon Tips,at ang ganda challenging eto pro nakakaengganyo mag ipon,parang ang saya maghulog dito,magawa nga eto.
    Fb;Noime Ortagoza