How Meal Time can Become “We” Time (Bringing Back Traditions)

To every Filipino family, gathering together over a sumptuous spread used to be an important event. Aside from the women in the family working together in the kitchen to whip up meals, every member of the family used to look forward to sitting together and sharing stories over good food each day. Meal times used to be an important end to a hard day’s work for the members of the family.

But nowadays, with technology and swift changes in every Pinoy lifestyle, eating together in one table seem to have become a lottery jackpot prize. Everyday meal times have now been reduced to weekend get-togethers or a quick grab n’ go and to me, there’s a certain kind of sadness seeing empty chairs at the dinner table. 

This Christmas, why don’t we give the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones? More than the wrapped presents, why don’t we give them our presence? Let’s make this Christmas extra merry by observing traditions and living out Filipino superstitious beliefs just like the ones on Chef Jeremy Favia’s recent vlog. 

You see there’s is nothing more endearing to Filipino hearts than bringing out the old along with the new. Our sense of family and togetherness can be felt by happily gathering together at the dinner table with our favorite holiday spreads decked with traditional meals and decor that we believe will bring us luck for the coming New Year. 

I myself really make sure that Christmas Eve and Christmas day are both dedicated to eating Noche Buena meals with all my family members here. Even the ones abroad join us through video calling apps so that they won’t feel so far from home during the holidays. 

So how can you meal time “we” time for you and your loved ones? Simple - put down your phones and gadgets, help out in the preparations in the kitchen, belt out your favorite Christmas tunes while setting the table, and share stories of old and new so you will feel connected with the people you love most.

They say your family is the one you make for yourself and whether Noche Buena is spent with your friends or the family you are born into - eating together during meal times is the best thing you can give your loved ones not just during the holidays but everyday. 

So don’t let your sit at the dining table become empty, rekindle familial love by eating together during meal times. Because it’s not just food you are sharing but you are creating memories that you can bring with you until you grow old and have a family of your own.

Rolled Into One Mom

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