How My Christmas Became Even More Meaningful

A little Goldi-party with the children of Barangay Guadalupe Viejo

"The real joy of Christmas can be seen and felt through the eyes and smile of a child." This is probably why it is said that the holidays will forever be more about children.

Like I always say, no matter how old I get, Christmas will remain my most favorite time of the year. And for almost 8 years, the gift that keeps on giving was handed to me. I have been blessed with 3 kids that will always remind me that it is indeed the most wonderful season to celebrate.

My baby whales ❤️
My 2018 was and is still is a mix of living my best life and my worst life. From letting go of a job that I've always dreamed of, to losing trust in the people I thought were after my best interests, to triumphs in my public service career, and many other things in between - I can say that this has been another year of feeling so bad yet living so good.

So this year, like the ones before, I make sure that I am still capable of sharing whatever blessings I have with other people, most specially, children. I figured, I have felt what it's like to have none and so my heart is open to giving back. And for 2018, I have chosen to hold a small Christmas get-together with the children of our barangay. 

The children recipients 

The planning process wasn't really that complicated. I have chosen 50 kids, some are classmates of my son, while the others are from less-fortunate families. I sought the help of my fellow council officials specifically Brgy. Captain Dennis Almario. 

The goal is to be an imstrument in making their holidays extra special. I believe I have achieved this because of the people who are willing to help.

With the Barangay Council and Tita Lydia Vivero

The best part is having the sponsorship of the leading bakeshop in the country who has the same vision, passion, and mission as I. Goldilocks readily and whole-heartedly agreed to provide the food and gift packs to my chosen charity recipients. 

The kids were served with Goldilocks Noche Buena Pack which included fried chicken, rice, siomai, and gulaman for drinks. 

Goldilocks has been around for 50 years and counting. They have been providing Filipinos with the most delectable cakes and pastries and has become a Filipino household name.

Goldilocks Holiday Themed Cakes

This Christmas, Goldilocks offers 3 flavors of celebration cakes that will add sweetness and 
festiveness to your holiday celebration. 

Merry Christmas from me to your families!
This year has been about hurting so bad yet living so good. This activity has taught me that even though I experience bumps in the road sometimes, I am still more blessed and I am happy being able to bless other people specially children.

Make Christmas a season to remember with your loved ones and Goldilocks. Merry Christmas and Have Prosperous New Year one and all! 

Rolled Into One Mom

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