Downy Makes Christmas Extra Special : #Spread100Hugs

A hug speak volumes. No matter how you feel, when the ones you love hug you, everything seems to become better.

Nothing can ever make you feel closer and secure more than a tight embrace. And this Christmas, the power of 100 hugs campaign by Downy Philippines will make the season of love and giving extra special.

The Busiest Month of the Year

Hugging my 3 whales all the time. ❤️

December is the busiest month for everyone. From preparing for parties, buying and wrapping presents, to reuniting with our relatives, it can become overwhelming.

And for a hugger like me, all it takes is a tight hug to make me feel that I am not alone. There's just something about being enveloped in the arms of people who matter that calms my soul.

Hugs, according to studies also have the power to heal. It is a positive exchange of energy between two people. Healing sometimes simply come from being held by someone and being shown love, caring and compassion.

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Spreading the Power of Hugs

The Downy #Spread100Hugs Holiday Starter Pack

Since hugging gives off a comforting and healing feeling, Downy Philippines has launched the #Spread100Hugs movement.

Downy Parfum Collection is a line of perfume-like scents of fabric conditioners that makes hugging the people special to you even more enticing.

The movement aims to spread the power of hugs and the lasting and refreshing smell of Downy Parfum Collection. After all, hugging becomes so much better when you both smell nice, right?

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Scented Symbol

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What better way to hug the ones dear to you than under a hug- activated Christmas Tree? Yes, visit the hug-activated Downy Scented Christmas Tree located in Eastwood Mall's open park from November 20 to December 19 and #Spread100Hugs starting today,  everyday, to experience a hug's undeniable power.

Hug the ones you love everyday. More than words, it's your powerful hug that will make them forget that life can be overwhelming.

Hugging my whales everyday. 

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