Beauty in Motherhood: The Reality and Beauty of it All: JOHNSON'S reveals how moms today can achieve baby-beautiful skin while they share genuine bonding moments with their babies

Johnson's Baby Bath Milk + Rice and Milk + Oats 

MANILA, Philippines - Being a mom can definitely shake up one's routine. As days are quickly filled with duties and incredibly rushed hours, moms are always on the lookout for lifestyle inspiration and beauty tips in one of the most available and convenient sources today: social media. While comparing ourselves to perfectly-curated snapshots of  mommies is undoubtedly a rabbit hole we'd want to avoid, scrolling through pictures-perfect moments of moms or moms with babies on your feeds can bring even the most confident of us a tad bit down. 

"Behind the flawless depiction of motherhood we see nowadays on social media, JOHNSON's sees an opportunity to shed light on the unfiltered realities around it. We want to help moms embrace every inch of motherhood and start empowering themselves one step at a time," JOHNSON'S Baby South East Asia Marketing Director MaiMai Punzalan said. Together with JOHNSON's, one of the world's most trusted names in baby care, moms today can find a re-assuring and genuine ally that recognizes a simple yet meaningful fact: Motherhood is messy, but what lies in between are the genuine everyday moments she shares with her baby that brings out her natural beauty. 

Being a Mom makes a woman beautiful too. 

To help moms fully embrace this, JOHNSON's encourages moms to share the natural goodness of the JOHNSON's Milk Range. With its essential milk proteins that help restore damaged skin and keep skin smooth and nourished, both mommy and baby can share a naturally baby-beautiful skin for that effortlessly natural beauty that doesn't need any filter. Clinically Proven Mild, the JOHNSON's MILK range contains milk and natural rice and oats making it 2x more nourishing vs. regular bar soaps.

"As the leader in baby care and as a company that understands the needs of mothers in giving the best care for babies and themselves, JOHNSON's continues to support moms on this kind of mindset by providing them with the right platform and products to help them achieve this," Punzalan, who is also a mom of 2, added.

JOHNSON's through its Milk Range, encourages moms to embrace and be proud of the #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents with baby by joining the JOHNSON's SNAP NATURAL movement - a movement that encourages moms to embrace the natural and authentic. Join the movement by posting a photo of yourself and your child in your happiest moment while showing off that natural baby-beautiful skin together. Use the hashtag #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents and tag @johnsonsbabyph on Instagram. To know more about this, visit
JOHNSON'S Milk Range (Bath, Lotion, Powder, Soap) are available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide. 

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