Why You will Love King Cup Sardines the Same Way You Love Coco Martin?

One of the staple Filipino foods that come on top of my head that also counts as comfort food is sardines, right? Imagine coming home to steaming hot rice plus wardines sauteed in onion during a rainy day. The thought really makes you hungry, right?

I myself am a fan of sardines as my go-to quick snack paired with hot malunggay pandesal or "ulam" (viand) when I'm in a hurry. Sardines and tuna are always part of my grocery shopping list.

The same love I have for this canned treat is almost the same as the love I have for Coco Martin. Yes, I am actually connecting food with my celebrity admiration for Coco. Haha!

I was tickled pink when I was invited to the media launch of the next big thing in the fish cannery industry - King Cup Sardines. Well, not only because they still chose Coco as their brand ambassador but also because of their new look.

 The collaboration of these two kings is undeniably the best thing to happen so far. Why? Because both are worthy kings in the industry they are in.

I can also find 5 more reasons to love King Cup Sardines the same way that we love Coco Martin.

1. High in protein, low in carbs - King Cup Sardines are made from tamban fish cooked in tomato sauce with just the right amount of spices. A single can of sardines is packed with high proteins and is low in carbs. One can is brimming full with the vitamins that we need.

2. Good Source of Calcium, Iron and Omega 3 Fatty Acids - King Cup sardines follows the American Heart Association recommendation of adding fatty fish to your diet at least twice a week to help lower cholesterol levels and improve ones hones heart health

3. Not too oily and not too salty - yes, out of all the sardines that I've tasted, I noticed that King Cup has got the right amount of oil and salt in it. It makes it less "nakakaumay" to eat. I had it for dinner two days in a row, no kidding!

4. Comes in two yummy variants - King Cup sardines has two variants, Sardines in tomato sauce and sardines in tomato sauce with chili. Both flavors that can cater to discriminatory tastes. The good news is, Permex, will soon come up with other flavors too.

5. Comes in easy-open cans - the best part is that their sardines and tuna cans are easy open which you can eat anywhere, anytime. Talk about convenience! How could one go hungry?

King Cup Tuna can be perfectly paired with biscuits.

Sardines is really making a comeback and it is clear as day that it is here to stay. With their new look and packaging, King Cup Sardines is not just suited for Moms, Lolas and Titas but the millenials too! 

The King of Primetime and King Cup Sardines will ensure that royalty will never leave your homes. Now available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. For more information, visit Permex

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