5 Simple Ways to be Healthy and Fresh Down There - for Ladies!

It's International Women's Month, and what better way to celebrate our womanhood than by revisiting our everyday habits that keep one of our most important ladyparts in perfect condition.

Everyday, we hussle to get things done and sometimes, with all the things that keep us pre-occupied, we forget that we also need to be taken care of. Not just on the inside but also our overall hygiene.

To help keep you healthy and fresh down there, I have gathered 5 fool-proof ways that would guarantee your vajayjay will be cared for.

Use Only Warm Water 

Warm water will surely kill or prevent bacterial growth around the vulva. This can prevent infections too. Always make sure to keep your vagina dry after washing by using clean towels. Wipe from front to back.

Wear Cotton Underwear

White cotton underwear is known to prevent yeast infection from building up in your vaginal area. Also, it will let your privates breathe because of the comfortable material of cotton.

Always Have Your Annual Check-up

You don't need to visit your Ob Gyn everyday but it is important to have yourself checked at least once a year. This will help you be updated with your current medical condition down there. Better be safe than sorry.

Keep A Healthy, Balanced Diet

Yes, the things you eat also affects the health of your hoo-ha, so make sure that you keep your diet balanced and load up on veggies and healthy dats. Too much sugar intake will make you susceptible to infection. Look up: greek yoghurt. 

Do Not Use Soap on Your Private Part - Choose The Right Feminine Wash 

Using soap on your vaginal area can dry up sensitive skin around it. It also said that douching can mess with the vagina's natural pH level but I recommend that you use pH Care Intimate Wash because it is clinically formulated with pH 5 that matches the normal pH of the skin. It can thoroughly cleanse your hoo-ha while maintaining its natural pH levels.

pH Care comes in different variants that will suit your lifestyle and scent preference.

Cool wind has ActiveCool that gives an extra cool feeling every time you wash.

Passionate Bloom has dual hydrating moisturizers Glycerin and Panthenol that maintains the skin's natural moisture enriched with Chamomile Extract to soothe skin.

pH Care also offers feminine wipes that you can take with you wherever you go and it guarantees to keep you smelling fresh down there all day.  Of course, they are recommended for everyday use.

To us ladies, it is important to always be presentable, looking sharp and of course smelling good entirely, most specially down there. Follow these tips plus use pH Care Intimate Wash to guarantee that clean, fresh feeling all day.

To know more about pH Care variants, check out their Facebook page or Unilab's website. 

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