U-Go : The Solution to Filipino Commuter Woes that is "Tatak Pinoy"

Problems So Big

This is nothing new - heavy traffic, full-to-the-brim public transportation & Grab/Uber rides unavailable or are charging exorbitant amounts.  We all have heard of commuter nightmares that every Pinoy has experienced or is still going through just to get to and fro their destinations. Aside form these obvious problems, passenger and driver safety, dishonest drivers and profit-centric companies who only care about the money they'll make plague our transportation system. Harsh, yes, but there is truth to it, let's all admit it. 

But here's what I figured out, instead of counting the problems, isn't it time to think about the solutions? The plan B's, the better way? What's even more important is that the answer to the issues must be from Pinoys - for Pinoys. Why? because only us Pinoys know the hassles, difficulties and woes that our everyday commuting experience brings. So, let me introduce to you what could be the hope for the ever tumultuous TNVS system that is now a part of every Juan's lives. 


The Brilliant Guys Behind U-Go
L-  John Codorniz, Technical Operations Chief U-Go, Norman Castillo, Chairman U-Go and Mitch Matias of PTNO

There is a new player in the TNVS ballgame that posts as a potentially serious competition to Grab and Uber. It's called U-Go an application based riding system that is pretty much like the ones we're used to only with a lot of different features that is Pinoy-friendly. 

  1. Text Capable - this function is truly Pinoy. When you don't have wi-fi access, you can simply using SMS. So no need to panic!
  2. PC-based - yep, you can also schedule and book yours, your family and friend's ride through your personal computer. Worry-free commute for every Juan!
  3. Reasonable rates - since U-Go is a certified Pinoy innovation, their rates will be more reasonable or lower than that of Uber and Grab. 
  4. On-route based booking - the app can determine if your heading off to work or home and will only assign rides that will pass your destination. Less hassle of running into traffic with unnecessary travel time - you get to where you need to me in half the time. 
  5. SOS Alert - this is probably one of the best features U-Go  has to offer. The safety button/alert doesn't only have the rider's safety in mind but the driver's as well. The button will  immediately alert the police to let them know if you're in trouble.

Better Times Ahead

What I mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. U-Go plans to be able to launch in January 2018 and they are currently accepting applications from Uber and Grab drivers who have existing franchise. These drivers are sure to be taken care off because U-Go will charge them only 10% per trip. More so, there's going to be a Php 5 peso discount if they fill up their tanks at Caltex. 

Despite the many commuter woes we encounter on a day to day basis, I am very optimistic that U-Go is going to be the solution.  I am truly looking forward to their launch next year. 

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