Jolly Cow Choco Milk Drink is our Favorite New Discovery + A Giveaway!

One Excited Mama

I am always on the look out for new products in the market that are healthy yet delicious that my son Choi would enjoy. I want to make sure that my son not only gets the best but nutritious as well. One in particular are the chocolate milk drinks and milk drinks that I let him drink. I usually give it to him as a reward for achievements in school or some good deeds done for others and his family. I am teaching my son to learn to celebrate small victories too.

Choi and his Jolly Cow goodies!

New Discovery to Love

If you are a chocolate-lover like me, you would surely love the new chocolate milk drink that Jolly Cow Ph has to offer. Rich in calcium, protein and carbohydrates, Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drink ensures that you are not only giving creamylicious and chocalatey goodness to your loved ones but also a healthy source of vitamins too. It is said that Jolly Choco is made from happy cows that come from farms in Europe. So us moms are assured that they are healthy, clean and safe for our family.

I am proud to be a part of this New Discovery because Choi and I were among the chosen Moms and child to test the  Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk Drink as it first arrived in the country. Now, these yummy goodness are available in 1 liter and 250 Ml packs which can bought in leading stores nationwide. 

More than a just a Chocolate Drink

You see dear friends,  Jolly Cow  Chocolate Milk drink is more than just a plain choco drink, There are other ways you can enjoy this new discovery. Pair it with your favorite snack or simply check out some recipes on the  Jolly Cow Ph Facebook page!

So what makes it different? It uses 100 percent pure Cow's milk, cocoa, a little sugar and no vegetable fat added! 

Sharing Is Caring Here's some good news for you Mommies, Daddies and young ones! Since Choi and I have experienced the yummy goodness of Jolly Cow  Chocolate Milk and it is not part of our grocery shopping list, we are giving ONE (1) LUCKY winner a chance to get 1 box of 1L and 2 boxes of 250ML for you to enjoy!

Here are the mechanics:

Like Jolly Cow Ph Facebook fan page

Share the 2 #NewDiscovery videos on your personal page and ask your friends to share it too. Copy the link to your post.

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Share in the comments your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and answer the question : Why do you want to win Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk? Add the link to your shared post too.

Click this link for your entries: Your entries here.

1. Deadline for entries is until October 20 (Friday) 9 PM.
2. This contest is valid for Metro Manila residents only.
3. The winner is non-contestable and non-negotiable.
4. Prize should be picked up at the Fly Ace Corporation Office: 7th floor Fly Ace Corporate Center 13 Coral Way, Central Business Park, Pasay City.
5. The official winner will be notified via email and pick up of prize is only within two weeks from the notice date.

Good luck guys!!!

Rolled Into One Mom


    melanie pacer

    I would love to win for my little one. tamang tama pang baon ng daughter ko sa school. And pwede din pang breakfast ng anak ko lalo na at morning session siya. Maganda to foe her it will give her nutrients and make her active all day.


    Annie Castillo

    I wanna win for my little girl :)
    Actually po na try na namin sya and talagang nagustuhan din namin ni hubby.

  3. This would be a great birthday gift for my daughter. She loves chocolate milk. And we love Jolly Cow Choco milk drink. Aside from its yummy taste, healthy pa. Perfect drink for her school baon and snacks.

    Lally Gonzales

  4. If we will win, my daughter will be very happy and this would be a perfect gift kasi malapit na birthday nya. We love Jolly Choco Milk because it is yummy and healthy as well. Perfect pang baon sa school and pang snacks din.

    Lally Gonzales

  5. Name: Jonalyn Falculan
    Email :
    Why you want to try?😍😍😍
    😱 it reminds me of my childhood when my Tatay used to bring us chocolate milk drinks. Chocolate milk drink is one of my source of calcium, i use this also on my cereal and oats, my go to drink everytime 💖💖💖,my stress reliever after work, im sure Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk is tastiest and yummiest among the rest.I would like to share this with my nieces and nephews so they can still get the daily dose of nutrients from the Jolly Cow chocolate milk drink.



  6. Hi Mommy Nhessie,me and my siblings loves the taste of jolly cow milk ,pasok sa panlasa namin. So yummy �� Perfect sa favorite cereal namin. So I’m hoping na matry din namin ang jolly cow choco, para maiba naman. �� That's why I love to win please!
    Shared post:

    Emelita Falculan

  7. I want to win for my nephews who love to drink milk! Hoping to share this awesome goodness with them.

    Paula Romana Alagao