5 Reasons Every Moms Life will be Easier with Easy Grocery App

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Let's face it, we are now in the era where our need to physically be in a store to try stuff is trumped by our preference of convenience. What with the crazy traffic and exorbitant fare, I myself prefer to just stay at home and just click on everything and add to card.

I love how most of the things we need are just a click away. From baby food, baby clothes, our own clothes, furniture, gadgets, and now, even our groceries! Yes, you got that right, even the things we need to feed our family can now be delivered right to our doorstep. I know! Grocery shopping is one of our sort of "me time". But then again, most of the time, the kids are in tow and they just put everything on the cart and we end up paying more than we budgeted for. True story, huh?

I used to love walking down every aisle, checking off my list, staying within the budget but these days, there's nothing I would love more than have someone do the shopping for me. Call me lazy, but hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do - split the task. And this time, I'm virtually handing over the task of grocery shopping to my new best friend - Easy Grocery!

This is how Easy Grocery would look like on your phone.
What is Easy Grocery?

EasyGrocery, the latest mobile app which allows consumers to purchase their grocery items from the app and have them delivered to their preferred address within 60 minutes committed time. The app works for both iOS and Android phones and is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play. - Press Release

Easy Grocery is an app that can be downloaded on your phone wherein you would feel like you have your own personal shopper. All you  need to do is create an account, click on the things you need, wait for 60 minutes and your items will be delivered with of course, a minimal delivery fee.

Mr. Delivery Guy carrying my loot!
Like I said, anything that would mean convenience for me makes me love it! So I know, you Moms will love it too. Though the app is still in the "birthing" stage, here are some reasons you would already love it. 

5 Reasons Easy Grocery will make your life easier:

1. Convenient - again, I couldn't stress it even more that having Easy Grocery on your phone makes grocery shopping super easy for you. The good thing about this is that they can deliver your grocery items on the address that you would put on the app. They have a team of personal shoppers who will do the shopping for you and riders who will make sure that your items will get to you within 60  minutes! To me, the best perk would probably be being able to take care of the chores, the kids and work at home gigs while waiting for my delivery. 

2. You can track your purchases - ok, worrying is innate in us moms, so whenever our money is on the line, we want to make sure that we are getting our money's worth. So, if you are like me who spends time worrying about whether our purchases will get to us on time, the app, just like the TNVS we use, allows us to track where the designated rider carrying our groceries is. 

3. EasyGrocery provides a variety of online grocery shopping options as it makes it possible to purchase the orders in some of the country’s biggest supermarket chains. What’s best, groceries will come from the stores nearest to the customers in order to meet delivery time. Users have the option of paying Cash On Delivery (COD), credit card and points payment and soon, payments can also be made via Bayad Centers, over the counter, online banking, convenience stores and mobile payment facilities. (Press Release)

4. They charge very minimal fee. - EasyGrocery charges P100 service fee for every order (not every item) and another P100 delivery fee. In total, it still won't break the bank as opposed to paying parking fee, gasoline and toll fees when you physically go shopping. 

5. Real-time/Proactive Notifications - another to love about the app is that their shoppers will inform you if there's an issue with your orders. The riders will also respond to your inquiry if they are on the way. Another good feature that will take one more worry off your back. 

I'm a busy Mom, and having EasyGrocery on my phone makes lfe a little bit easier.

Learning Curve

Just like any new apps or businesses, EasyGrocery still has a lot to improve on when it comes to their interface, but right now, they cater to the prime areas of Makati, Taguig and Paranaque which they hope to expand in other major cities too. I was able to put the app on test drive and I liked it so far. I am really hoping that they become bigger and better soon. 

Here are some of the stuff delivered to me through the app. 

My fearless forecast as I plan to be a loyal user of the app too, is that EasyGrocery will be around for a long time. Why? Because they've got convenience, affordability and accessibility right down path when it comes to online shopping.

I hope you get to try the app and enjoy it too mommies!

To know more about EasyGrocery, you can visit their website: EasyGrocery, Facebook Page: EasyGrocery, Instagram: @easygroceryapp.

Happy Shopping!

Rolled Into One Mom

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