Century Tuna #QueenOfTheCentury is Pia Wurtzbach!

Nowadays, Pinoys have become more mindful of the things they drink and eat. A healthy, balanced diet is now the trend. More and more Filipinos choose lite, less fatty yet still delicious food. What makes eating healthy trending nowadays too is that brands have chosen celebrities that embodies the example they want to share with everybody.

Century Tuna is no exception. The leading brand in Tuna, has chosen the Queen of the Universe, Ms. Pia Wurtzbach - TV host, model and Miss Universe 2015 as their newest brand ambassador along with their roster of endorsers. The queen appeared in a new TV commercial that's oozes with sexiness, elegance and of course, the new Century Tuna Lite. 

"We're thrilled to have Pia in the Century Tuna family," beams Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Foods Inc. General Manager. "Pia is indeed 'The Queen of the Century'," the epitome of a multi-faceted who excels in a variety of fields while staying fit and sexy." 

To anyone who has followed Pia's career, she started acting at the tender age of 4 which led her to join Star Circle Batch 11. She has appeared in a series of tv shows and movies. But her biggest break is definitely winning the crown and becoming Ms. Universe 2015, a title that has been elusive to the Philippines since Ms. Gloria Diaz in 69' and Margie Moran in 73'. Her win though a bit confidential was definitely well-deserved.

Her self-discipline, poise, style and ravishing looks and ultimately, her commitment to physical fitness - makes her qualified to be included in the Century  Tuna fold. 

Of course, a super sexy body cannot be achieved with exercise alone, a healthy, balanced yet satisfying diet is the key. Pia being a long time fan of Century Tuna couldn't agree more. "I have a busy schedule and always on the go so when I do have the time to grocery shop or prepare a meal, I make it a priority" says Pia, who unbenknownst to many, studied Culinary Arts. "I like to enjoy food that keeps my energy levels stable, like Century Tuna." 

I am certain that not one Pinoy doesn't have Century Tuna cans in their pantry. Just like Pia, I am amazed at the versatility of this product as it can be used in a variety of different yummy yet healthy recipes. Like the "queen", there is no need to deprive yourself because Century Tuna is made of 100% real tuna, rich in Omega 3 DHA, which helps you achieve a healthy and 100% winner superbody - definitely like hers! 

"I've always been a Century Tuna girl. And this body you see, is made possible by Century!." says Pia. 

So hail to the queen and congratulations to the Century Tuna family for being able to bring healthy, nutritious and delicious tuna to every Pinoy's table! 

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