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Third Part 

As promised, here is the last of the 3-part series I wrote regarding working at home. The first part Working At Home And My TV Debut was all about who I am, how I started and my motivation for deciding to finally quit the corporate life and start a different path. Also, I shared with you my TV debut at ABS-CBN's TV Patrol with outstanding news reporter Jasmin Romero. 

The second part, which is what most of you are asking, How I Earn From Working At Home was where I described in detail how you can earn income from doing so many different jobs online. 

Anyway, enough about me, I know you are wondering how easy or hard it is to work from home. It could really be heaven or a huge sacrifice if the reality isn't told. So let me give you facts about working-at-home that would shed light on some misconceptions you might have.

10 Facts About Working-At-Home 

Some of you might have probably seen my TV debut. But since some parts were edited out, I am sharing with you some key things you need to know before jumping into the work-from-home wagon.

1. It is NOT easy - why? Imagine seeing your bed while cramming for deadlines or working on your bed thinking just a few minutes more (sleep). You need incredible self-discipline to fight the urge to just throw everything and curl up in bed. Imagine how hard it is during bed weather! 

2. You won't earn if you don't work your tushy off - take being a creative writer for example. I had a client who wouldn't pay me if I fail to pass an article a day. No work, no pay also applies to work at home people, ya know? 

3. It is NOT free - you need to invest on good quality gadgets such as laptop, camera and reliable internet connection (say, Fibr) so your clients can gain access to you. If you are a passionate writer who wants to build a site, you need to invest on your own domain and website design. Mine was designed by my friend Celerhina of Reigning Still So if you're thinking about making the big switch, keep in mind that you need to have a reasonable or more savings to spend during the time you're looking for clients.

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4. You need a quiet working space - well, this will depend on what type of worker you are. I can write an article in the middle of a constructions site but hate it when it's too quiet that I can hear myself think. The bottomline is, you need a working space that will allow you to be productive. There are employers who require weekly or more video conference calls with a color background they prefer.

To save money, I upcycled my son's old crib and turned it into an office table. 

5. Yes, you can earn more than 30k -you can always negotiate with your prospective client or employer about how much you are worth. I used to be a business writer for a foreign-based company where they pay me 25k a month plus I accept other jobs outside so when added, it becomes more. It will always DEPEND on the skill you have to offer, the job that is required and the capability of the employer. 

6. Yes, you can earn 500k - but NOT from ONE PROJECT unless you are a graphic designer, SEO expert (who owns the business), a PR and Events Planner (who owns the business too) that works in a really big company who can afford it. Also, you can SAVE up to this amount from your earnings if you really have good  financial skills (which I don't have!). 

7. You need to market yourself - there are websites such as Upwork or Virtual Staff Finder who regularly posts about job openings for online workers. You need to go through an application process where you have to market your brand and your skills. Interviews normally happen through Skype with different times of day depending on the client's timezone. Being hired is up to you. 

8. It is NOT for SLACKERS - this is the truth, working full-time from home is like being in an office minus the boss who hovers over your shoulder waiting for your output. I used to work 9pm until 6am (PH Time) without talking to anyone while reading countless e-books where I needed to base my articles from. But the e-books weren't even about guys with yummy pecks but about business, business! Which I need to make 5 different articles about which my boss will choose from. So where's putting my feet up on the couch while watching soaps come in? During my off-days obviously! 

9. You need to continuously develop your skills - there are bloggers turned virtual assistants turned business coach like Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful or the founders of Manila Workshops who offer workshops to those who would  like to learn more. Here's another thing you need to keep in mind - you are your brand. So the more you develop your skills and know-hows, the more likely  that you will be able to price your services higher. 

10. You will miss people - maybe it's just me, but when you're used to being in an office with lots of people, human interaction seem to be a luxury. Yes, your family or your kids are around but being able to take a break while discussing things with people who get it will be something that you will miss from time to time. Again, working at home is still working, without "work friends". Good thing I have friends like Jhanis of Vanilla Housewife, May of Fully Housewifed and my other Mommy Blogger friends who keep me sane when work tends to get too much. 

With May and Jhanis ❤️❤️❤️

No Regrets

My First TV Interview with Jasmin Romero of ABS-CBN 

There are some days still where I struggle to make ends meet. Yes, I earn a lot from my work at home gigs but still, the expenses pile up and I know that I am far  from being able to say that I am debt-free. But pretty much everything is well in my life. I can pay my bills, we have food on the table, I get to work and still be with my kids while I get the job done. 

I've made the switch a few years ago and  I have no regrets since. The decision to work at home mainly lies on what motivates you - both professionally and financially.

More than this, you also need to be creative by looking for more than one source of income. I am a VA, I'm a public servant, I sell stuff online, I have so many hats that's why, I'm called ROLLED INTO ONE MOM. 

I really hope that this guide will help your journey a little less confusing and more educational. Good luck! ❤️❤️❤️

Rolled Into One Mom

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