Goldilocks Sweet Attack : Back for a Sweeter Attack

When it comes to non-stop fun and tasty sweet treats, the country's #1 bakeshop can always be counted on. Yes, it's Goldilocks. 

Last December, Goldilocks launched its first interactive smartphone application called Sweet Attack. Once the app is downloaded, players use their phone camera to scan any Goldilocks 50th Anniversary cake logo to start the game. The premise is as simple as it is intuitive: using the touchscreen function, it is a must for the players to protect the delicious cake from a swarm of hungry ants by squashing them with their fingers.  Due to its dynamic gameplay, charming graphics, and easy interface, it is not surprising that Sweet Attack has become a remarkable success all over the country. 

During the recently concluded Sweet Attack Battle Tournament, the app's highest scorers from the past month were invited to compete among themselves for the chance to win cash prizes and gift certificates from Goldilocks. The winners were determined through several elimination rounds, until one sweet champion emerged. 

Get it on the action and download the Goldilocks Sweet Attack game on the App Store or Google Play Store. Who knows? The next champion could be you! 

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