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One of the measures of parenting success is the achievements of the children upon entering adulthood. Raising a child is a very challenging role but seeing them grow into a good and responsible individuals makes parenting very rewarding.

“Raising a family is not as easy as ABC, especially at thechild’s formative years from ages 1 to 12. You have to focus on forming your child’s character while balancing work and family life,” said parenting and relationship consultant Maribel Dionisio.

Another challenge to address is starting a family. Most couples may feel confident that they are emotionally and mentally prepared for family life, but many would be doubtful about their financial capability to do so.

“A well-planned financial goal is also crucial in the early stages of starting a family,” said Dionisio. “For parents, especially those who are planning to have 2 or more kids, it is important that they start planning for their kids’ college education as early as when their child starts to walk,” Dionisiocontinues. 

There is no exact science on how to be a good parent, butgetting some advice would be very helpful in parenting.  With this goal in mind, Dionisio created The ABCs of Parenting.

Parenting and Relationship Consultant Maribel Dionisiowith Atty. Tabayoyong, a parent participant in one of“The ABCs of Parenting” school talk

The ABCs of Parenting aims to impart important parenting knowledge to new and even experienced couples. The lectures will discuss the following tips: for attention-giving; Bfor building self-worth; for communicating; for disciplining with love; for enhancing the relationship; and F for financial planning.

Planning your family’s activities well and knowing your financial responsibility can contribute a lot to a healthy and rewarding family life. As you raise your children, building a sustainable financial fund will become a challenge especially when it comes to preparing for their future education. 

With the extended years in basic education and the rising cost of tuition fees, there is no better way to prepare for our children’s college education than getting a good education plan from a trustworthy partner. 

Good thing there are insurance companies with education products to help address the education needs of Filipino families, like Philam Life, who recently introduced a new education product called Future Scholar.


Future Scholar is an investment and life insurance plan that provides long-term growth potential and guaranteed education benefits and access to expertly-managed funds which gives long-term growth potential.  Should the payor pass away or suffer total and permanent disability, the plan will still continue as future premiums will be waived. With the optional term insurance for the payor, an additional lump-sum amount will be given to the family to help increase the education fund. Customers can choose to pay in as short as 5 years or pay regularly until the child reaches age 17.


The parents of preschool up to Grade 4 students at Marist School in Marikina



Philam Life remains a trusted partner of parents in ensuring the continued education of their children. It has delivered timely payouts of over PHP10 billion in education benefits for the past 10 years, and over PHP131 billion in insurance benefits for the past six decades.  For school year 2016-2017 alone, over 100,000 young scholars received their education payouts. This is a testament to the company’s ability to fulfill its promise to help parents give their children a good education year after year.

The ABCs of Parenting School Tour is a partnership between Philam Life and Maribel Dionisio


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