How To Save A Life with Love Hope Faith Watch

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The season of giving is just around the corner. I am sure by this time, like me, you already have an idea of what to get whom for Christmas. I am somebody who likes giving something meaningful and useful to my loved ones, not just during Christmas but all the time. There's just something rewarding about being remembered by someone all the time by the little things you give them. The sense of keeping someone in your thoughts while choosing the perfect present.

What could be even more perfect than giving someone the gift of life? Ok. That's a bit over the top, no one can give that gift except God. Let's just say, helping someone extend their life or cover the expenses of those who are sick and are currently undergoing treatment. That, I could say is a gift that someone will never forget.

The Meaningful Gift of Time

Two weeks ago, I received a package that changed the way I will look at the time. Yes, a watch. A pair of watches. I received the LHF WATCH. LHF means LOVE, HOPE, FAITH. In my excitement, I immediately opened it to find a gorgeous black couple watch. It was touching really, to have been chosen to be the recipient of said gift.

On their website it says:

"LoveHopeFaith (LHF) is an all-Filipino social enterprise that was founded as an instrument to provide care and assistance to a cancer patient. As the business grew, LHF was able to add non-profit institutions to its list of beneficiaries. Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the purchases of LHF products are donated to its causes.

LHF aims to give joy and hope through a cause-oriented enterprise by providing affordable products to Filipinos and giving back to the community. LHF aspires to be an inspiration and a channel to empower cancer patients and the communities they aid. The LHF family envisions being a model group that cares, unites, provides equal opportunities, and works hard for the betterment of everyone."

Let Me Count The Ways

Love Hope Faith watches feature Japan movement technology and is water resistant. But here are 7 reasons why LHF watches must be on your Christmas list:

1. It comes in 9 different colors that are trendy and eye-catching. For fashionistas out there, you can coordinate all colors with your ootd! It comes in black, white, gray, mint, navy blue, army green, red, purple, pink and brown.

2. They come in styles that suit both men and women. The watches come in small and large sizes. Both are so stylish I must say.

3. Shipping is fast - need I say more? You only need to give them at least 1 day lead time and everything is easy peasy from there!

4. They have a physical store - a gift shop that is! If you are like me who still prefers being able to hold the items with my hands before purchasing them then this is perfect. Their store is located at #36 Anonas St., Project 2, Quezon City. They are open Mondays thru Fridays from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM and closed on weekends.

5. They accept return of items. Should there be any damage, they have protocols on returns and exchange which can be found on their website : Love Hope Faith Group

6. The watches are reasonably priced. At 250 pesos each, the watch holds more meaning than your overpriced coffee! Joke! But really, imagine being able to sport a watch this stylish and sturdy for this much?

7. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Love Hope Faith Group beneficiaries who are primarily children with cancer. Some of this institutions are Tahanan Sta. Luisa, a crisis intervention center for street children and Tahanan D'Amor, a center for abandoned children managed by the Sisters of the Divine Zeal.

A Little Close To Home

One of the reasons I like the LOVE HOPE FAITH GROUP is that they support children with cancer. I have relatives and friends who are going through it, who are now in heaven because of it and the only way I know to help them get through it is by spreading the word that they need love, understanding and help. I have strong faith that those who are suffering will be healed and that they will receive abundant blessings from the LORD.

Save A Life

I like supporting causes. I am a volunteer in several charitable groups so I am excited to have been given a chance to promote products like LHF WATCH. If you are interested to purchase a watch of your own or give it as a very special present this coming holidays, you can reach the LOVE HOPE FAITH GROUP at 0917.888.4516 or 0922.874.0334. 

You may also check out their social media accounts for further details : LHF FACEBOOOK or INSTAGRAM.

To borrow a line from one of my favorite movies: 

"Whoever saves one life - saves the world entire."
Give the gift of LOVE HOPE & FAITH this Christmas. Get your own LHF Watch plus LHF Shirt and LHF Bag!

Wearing my own LOVE HOPE FAITH goodies! SPREAD THE LOVE!

Rolled Into One Mom

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