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There is truth to the often-quoted adage that fashion is about passion - at least for the two unlikely pair behind the promising concept clothingstore – F Boutique tucked in White Plains. It is no surprise that their love for fashion and styling have led ChiChi Atienza-Valdepenas and Fredd Alba to embark on a refreshing new start-up business that caters to those who want to stand out from the crowd of mass produced staples and indulge in a little something extra special. 

ChiChi Atienza-Valdepenas is not new to the fashion world. While dabbling in showbiz during her teens, she discovered her love for clothes, which eventually became more than just a hobby for her. She opened her first home and fashion store Nullahafter college. Her business grew from one to five outlets in only a span of three years, boasting of a celebrity clientele following to her personally curated items from around the world. Motherhood was a welcome respite from the business world, but Chichi hasn’t forgotten about her first love - fashion. So when the opportunity came again, she did not hesitate. After all, when you’re doing something you love, it’s not really working. A mother of three, Chichi understands the practical demands of women from different walks of life without compromising fashion and style. She culls inspiration from her own experiences, style, taste and travels in designing and producing ready to wear ensembles featuring unique appliques in limited quantities

Fredd Alba is a veteran designer who has been around since 1989. He is a member of the prestigious Designers League of the Philippines, which is home to renowned Filipino designers who have taken the Fashion world by storm. He has consistently garnered acclaim for gowns designedfor many celebrities, socialites and beauty pageants. After taking a much-needed leave from the fashion world, he is back in full form and ready to create new clothes to make your every special occasion even more special by helping you make your personalized fashion ideas into a reality.

The collaboration of this dynamic duo mixes classic, contemporary and current designs. Each brings a different dimension of their personality, style, taste and experience to their venture. They both believe that every one has to have something special in their closet that’s just theirs. Retail pieces start at a reasonable price of PHP1300. While simple made to order gowns start at PHP8000.

F Boutique is undoubtedly a welcome addition tothe fashion world.

F Boutique is located at 129 St Ignatius Street Katipunan Ave. Quezon Cit
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