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Becoming a Mother has made me become more health-conscious, before, I only had myself to worry about but now, I have Choi, my 2-year old son to worry about too. This is the reason I have come up with some steps to health that I impose on myself and my family. These steps may not guarantee that we will be totally disease-free but at least, we are taking precautions against it.

Yesterday, I was one of the privileged few to be invited to the first ever : Health Watch: World Health Day Celebration spearheaded by P&G, UNICEF, Red Cross and Safeguard. Together with other mommy bloggers, we attended the first of a series of lecture aimed to equip Filipinos with information and skills needed to keep our families healthy. 

This is what I love about Safeguard, which has been part of my family for so long. They continue to promote health and hygiene. The brand has become synonymous with - family germ protection. World Health Day on the other hand, reminds each of us that health should always come first - no compromise.

During the first Health Watch Lecture, UNICEF shared figures about the State of Filipino Children's Health. Based on the report entitled, "A Decade of Tracking Progress For Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival" conducted in 2015, the Philippines is among 26 countries which have contributed 80% of global deaths of children under 5 years old. Imagine that, 5 years old and below!

The following are some of the major reasons of these deaths:

  • Neonatal Health Conditions (45%)
  • Pneumonia (18%)
  • Diarrhea (7%)
What makes these figures so sad to look at is that deaths caused by these factors can easily be prevented through - proper handwashing. Hand washing through soap and water helps reduce the incidence of diarrhea among children by up to 50% and respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia by up to 25%. Among infants, handwashing has also helped reduce infections, which constitute 16% of neonatal conditions. 

These problems is now being addressed by Procter and Gamble through safeguard with UNICEF by implementing - Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) Program, which includes health and hygiene education among children. 

At yesterday's Health Watch Lecture, not only were we given a preview of the current health conditions of children in our country but we were also provided with tips and basic first aid training for mothers by Ruby of Philippine Red Cross. According to PRC, the simple act of washing has been known to reduce infections brought about by wounds which sometimes lead to more serious diseases. Wounds are often the primary entry point of germs and bacteria, thus, wound care is a crucial step in disease prevention. 

Proper handwashing being demo'd by Ms. Deidre of P&G, Dr. Mariella Castillo of UNICEF and Ruby of PRC. 

Proper sanitation is equally important among moms as the First Aiders at home. Before treating minor wounds and burns, parents must be aware that handwashing is the most crucial first step before getting down to treat their children. Washing the wound with soap and water for 5 minutes also greatly reduces the risk of infection, tetanus, scarring and tattooing of the skin from dirt left in the wound. 

Proper bandaging being demo'd by Ruby of PRC and host Romina. 

So now, whether it's something as serious as diarrhea or minor wounds, mom has to be alert and aware of how to keep her family protected. The trusted name in family germ protection - SAFEGUARD has always been my family's partner in health. 

Make everyday - WORLD HEALTH DAY as SAFEGUARD puts your family first. 50 years of protection, 50 years of SAFEGUARD. Health Comes First. 

Health Watch series made possible by P&G, UNICEF and Philippine Red Cross - represented by Ms. Deidre De Padua, Dr. Mariella Castillo
and Ms. Ruby of PRC. 


Procter & Gamble

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UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations devoted to serving the world's children. UNICEF began providing assistance to the Philippines in NOvember 1948. Since then, we and the Philippine government have been partners in protecting Filipino children. 

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