Lock&Lock PH #LockedInLove :Tumbler Collection and Cookware Sets

Ever heard of Tumbers that
reflect your emotion? Well,
Lock&Lock has them!
Moms like you and me are always on the lookout for stuff that are safe and easy to use. This is not just for ourselves but our loved ones too. When I became a mom, I have developed a habit of checking what the products I plan to buy are made of and of course, once I buy it, I clean up like crazy. To me, quality and safety must always come first.

When I work at home, when my niece goes to school, when my son asks for water or when we travel, my family makes sure that we never forget to bring a water tumbler with us. Hydration is also important to us, you know? But really, these days, it's always a choice between what's affordable and safe. There cheap ones in the market but they don't really use ingredients that are healthy for our body. Imagine the wear and tear our bottles go through when we use them every day?

So in my quest to find the perfect water bottle for me, I stumbled upon Lock&Lock's tumbler collection. The cuties aren't only safe to use but are also eye candies! Here are some of the KEY Features of the Lock&Lock Tumblers that I am sure you guys will love too:

Triple Air Insulation:

  • Lengthens more hour of heat insulation
  • Higher heat reserving than Lock&Lock existing products
  • Lock&Lock prepare patent of Triple air layer cap now

Higher Volume:

  • Slim design and light weight compare with other same volume tumbler

Detachable Filter

  • Hygienic detachable tea filter
  • This makes preparing tea more easy and hygienic

Their tumbler collections comes in stylish colors and trendy designs that you will surely fall for! Here are some of my faves!

The Lock&Lock Tumbler Collection are so easy on the eyes. Stylish yet safe to use!

These pink and purple ones are such eye candies!

At the media launch of the Lock&Lock tumblers, I was flabbergasted to realize that tumblers are fashionable too! And yes, Lock&Lock has really up the ante when it comes to our daily hydration tools. The colors and style are attractive enough that you would want to carry them around wherever you go!

No need to find the fault in your stars with the coolest Horoscope Line of Tumblers
by Lock&Lock! creative huh?
Lock&Lock not only brings us high quality and safe products to you but they also offer personalization of your tumblers. This is ideal for my niece who seems to have a knack for losing her water bottles every single time! Lock&Lock can help you put a name to your chosen tumbler using their special engraving machine. What an ideal gift for the coming Christmas season, right?

The Lock&Lock Tumbler
engraving machine.

Yes, this one is specially made
with my name on it and I love it!
I bring it to work everyday! I love
how it keeps my water cold or my
coffee hot for hours! 

The Lock&Lock Tumbler collections comes in 10 stylish designs and each possess remarkable functionality and personality:

Lock&Lock Tumbler collection are so stylish - they\re runway worthy!
  • Line
  • Name
  • Emotion
  • Horoscope 
  • Fruit
  • Hero
  • Diamond
  • Couple
  • Fun
  • Mini Tumbler
The mini tumnbler


Aside from the tumblers, Lock&Lock also introduced their new pan and wok which are safe to use and a leader when it comes to durability. There are classified into three styles: Salon, stone, and hard & light. The bonus is that all of the pans are zero-PFOA which before has been said to cause cancer. Lock&Lock put our health concerns to rest when they created these awesome pans! These pans are guaranteed induction-cook top compatible. 

The Lock&Lock new cookware.

Durable yet easy to use

Top chef Gino Gonzales demonstrated how kitchen-safe and convenient to use the Lock&Lock cookwares are. 

Chef Gino whipped up a mean Chicken Cacciatore and
Potato Soup that we were able to enjoy after. 

Their pans have a sleek design that you can serve your dish directly! From the pan unto the table, just add a few finishing touches. How cool is that?

The potato soup was delish but look at how Chef Gino
used the pan to serve the dish directly! 
Here the cookware's KEY features:

Press - Hard Anodizing - Hard and Light Stone

  • Excellent for corrosion resistance
  • Thermal conductivity 
  • Non-stick function

Gravity Casting

Press-Hard Anodizing + Teflon Coating - Hard and Light

Newest Thing to Love

I have found the perfect products that I will be able to use for a long time. Not only for me but for the whole family. I'm sure, all of us, cooking-obsessed Mommas would know how innovative these new products are! 

These tumblers are so easy to love. 

I am definitely going to get more of these Lock&Lock tumblers. What are you waiting for? Go get yours now!

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. Nice, I like the colors of the tumbler. Yes! quality and safety first before buying things. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Wow!!!! This is sooo cool!!! Any idea how we can have names engraved, too? :) thanks for sharing. :)

    1. yes, you just need to go to the nearest store where they sell lock&lock.

  3. Super nice! They look so chic and trendy! I'm so tired of the clear plastic bottles already so this is a very refreshing change. :)

  4. Such cute and functional design :) I would love to have one for myself - for my family and friends.

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  8. Oooh I was just reading about how Teflon causes cancer, yun pala ang kailangan ko tingnan na label...Zero PFOA!

  9. Wow, this couldn't have come at a better timing. I just broke my Snapware glass tumbler and now looking for a replacement! Will check out these tumblers now.

  10. I love Lock and Lock items because they're super reliable talaga. The brand is the best when it comes to alternative camping gears because they really lock in tight. I assume their tumblers would be super spill proof too.

  11. I always bring water wherever I go and this lock n lock seems worth a try. I love their colors too! Thank you for sharing!

  12. I'm actually a big fan of lock and lock. All our lunch box's brand are lock&lock. Quality and Design = love :D

  13. Lock and lock is already a trusted brand for plastic containers! I love the pink tumblr/bottle though!

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  15. I love the tumbler! Iba talaga pag lock n lock.

  16. yay! the pink and purple ones easily caught my attention, lol! Fave colours, so I'm gonna hunt for these Lock&Lock tumblers hehehe

  17. The new Lock and Lock collection is so cute!

  18. I associate Lock & Lock with their tupperwares :)) I'll check out their cookware since I'm badly in need of new ones. Cute tumblers too :)

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