Light'emUp Creative Lamps for a Unique Glow to your Home this Christmas

Isn't that wonderful to look at?
Oh yes, it's almost the most wonderful time of the year again. All of us are looking for a unique gift to give family, friends, even ourselves this yuletide season, right? Well, here's another unique idea - why not try giving your home a gift as well? Seriously. 

Anyway, I have always had a penchant for lamps. Be it a lava lamp, your typical lampshade even Christmas lights! It relaxes me. During the holidays, I like taking at least a night or two sitting by the Christmas tree by myself with nothing but the lights on the tree to illuminate the room. I guess, that's my way of letting the "spending season" (Haha) sink in. 

So in my search for a different kind of light to decorate our home this year, I stumbled upon this awesome creation by Light'emUp! Creative Lamps. Creative that's for sure and eco-friendly! (Magic words for moms like me!) Their lamps are definitely polycarbonate, durable, heat-resistant and recyclable. These lamps have two types: ARTISAN and LANTERN type. Artisan type uses led light and lantern uses energy saving bulbs. 

Light'emUp! Creative Lamps offer a wide range of designs, all of them are weather and waterproof! Awesome, right? Each design can be redesigned into not just two or three but twenty two different configurations. So imagine, a bang for your buck huh? What makes these lamps more attractive is that they can be used not just for Christmas but on several different occasions too! I like how these lamps give off a very hip, relaxing, lounging and calming vibe. 

Look at these cuties! Perfect for any home design!
What I love about Light'emUp! Creative Lamps is that all of their pieces are lovingly created with their customers in mind. All you have to do is tell May what your favorite shapes, color and other concepts are and she will customize it for you. 

If what I'm saying aren't enough to get you sold. Here are some of the cool things about Light'emUp! Creative Lamps:

Modular: their lamps can be transformed into 22 different designs. 

Guaranteed Durability: the lamps are made of Polycarbonate. This material is know to be extremely durable and has a life span of 10 years.

Shatter Resistance: (Oh boy! Don't we all moms with toddlers need this?) Their material is practically unbreakable. 

Don't you just love the colors? 

Transparency: their materials have extreme clear plastic that offers excellent visibility and actually transmits light better than alternative materials. 

Lightweight and Thermostability: Their materials are not heavy at all and provides excellent heat resistance. (Another bonus for me.)

Another cool design!

For Mommas like me who has a toddler, this lamp is so perfect. But since I'm always on the go, I discovered that they can reshape the lamps for us for FREE or the instructions can be sent to us so that we can DIY it, again for FREE. 

Ok, cleaning is also going to be a breeze! There are two ways you can clean the lamps - one is to knock it down, wash it with soap and water. Second is to put water and soap in a spray bottle and just wipe it clean. No dismantling needed. Easy peasy!

More sample designs.
These lamps represent who most of us are as Moms - creative, innovative yet quirky. Imagine how their designs can instantly beautify our home - outdoors or indoors. I just feel relaxed looking at the pictures! I feel like I can look at this all day and not get tired of it. 

Look at how the lamp gave life tho this corner!

Yes, there lamps are fairly priced higher than the regular lamps you can buy anywhere. But hey, you can't get quality for cheap, right? These lamps costs around P650 - P1500. But the price of course, will still depend on the size of the lamp you want to rent or purchase. Reasonably priced for long term use! Another great thing about Light'emUp! Creative Lamps is that you can rent their lamps to light up any of your occasions and special celebrations. Shape design is free. 

There - an instant elegant touch. 

Beautiful huh?

Light'emUp! Creative Lamps has a roster of well-known clients and has made some TV appearances in the past and this gives me comfort in knowing that their company and their products are worthy to be shown on TV. 

Let your creativity run wild moms!

I'm sitting here, waiting for more words to describe these awesome creations by Light'emUp! Creative Lamps and yet, all I can think about is how I wanna get my hands on them right now and DIY the heck out of it! Lol! But seriously, this Christmas and on any given day, why not try giving something out of the ordinary to give your loved ones? Give something with love and something to light up their life for years to come! 

Add a pop of color to your room too! 

To know more about Light'emUp! Creative Lamps - visit their Facebook Page and Follow them on Instagram.

Here's a little inspiration for you guys! Give a gift of eco-frienly, stylish and creative lamp now!

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  1. OMG! The lamps are so cool! I want one for my daughter's bedroom. We are currently redecorating her bedroom from kiddie to teener and I think this lamp is perfect. :)

    1. then this is perfect for her room sis! get one na! :-)

  2. You're right, this is a very nice gift for the home! :) You just gave me another Christmas gift idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I love their lamps! Have one hanging up and I'm excited to try the 22 designs.

  4. This will be the 3rd year that we're planning to buy these lamps. I'm praying that we'll have these prety lamps this year! By the way, it can be rearranged pala! That's very nice to know. At least, you can have different looks of the lamp each year. Tipid!

    1. a real bang for your buck! and I really hope you get one..they're soo pretty! :-)

  5. Love the colors ! Those lamps just beautify every place. :)

  6. Oooh so pretty! I love the white pillar-shaped one. It looks so elegant!

    1. I know! It's cool to have something like that in the garden noh? :-)

  7. They are all beautiful and the price is reasonable because of its structure and quality.

  8. wow these are very nice quality lamps... pang export. not to mention eco-friendly pa, weather and water resistant... everything that i'm looking for in a lamp. i will take note of this. tnx for posting

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  10. Those lamps are so beautiful! Hope we can get one for our house :)

  11. Ang ganda! I am loving the plain white ones :)

  12. I love this! I could incorporate these lamps in some of my moodboards and recommend this to my clients coz you can use these in so many ways for your home and garden. Look at those beautiful colors!

  13. Wow, I love this. I'll check it out and get one (or more!) for the house. This is a great alternative too, in a stylish way. Thanks for sharing :)

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