5 Ways To Earn Extra Cash For Solo Mommas

Let's admit it, being a solo parent is not a walk in the park. With bills, childcare expenses and emotional struggles, it can be quite difficult to make ends meet. I myself confess to being broke these days and I know in my heart that I just could't sit back and wait for the apple to fall from the tree. I am a walking testament of how difficult it can be financially to raise one child, so I can only imagine if one has more. There are debts to pay, milk to buy and food to put on the table. 

Earn Extra Cash! (Photo not mine)

This goes for all parents too, not just solo ones like me. You will have to be flexible and resourceful to get some extra cash to be able to provide for your family. Ultimately, you need to get off your tushy and think of ways to earn extra money aside from the salary you get from your regular employment. 

But don't fret Mommies and Daddies, there are some quick-money solutions to your financial woes. All you need is creativity, your passion and an internet connection to be able to earn that extra cash that's going to add to your savings in the bank. Here are 5 ways you can earn extra that I have tried before and worked!

1. GARAGE SALE : I saw on some TV AD and I have proven it's true, that there are a lot of moolah lying around our homes. If you have some unused or old stuff that are in mint condition that you feel will still sell at a reasonable price - why not put it up on sale? Sell it in that one place where you won't you have to pay rent or spend on gas to haul your goodies - your garage! You just need to be creative in promoting and marketing your sale. 

A little banner I made to promote our sale

I have made serious cash from this my friends. Though sometimes, it's quite emotional to see your pre-loved stuff being handed over to a new owner, it's also rewarding to add some cash to your savings. So, start the treasure hunt now! 

2. FREELANCE WORK: if you are good with admin tasks, online marketing, social media management, project management tools or writing, then this is another source of cash for you. The good thing about this is that you can do it full time or part-time depending on the requirement of the client or your availability too. There are companies who seek out employers for you. All you need is a laptop, steady internet connection creativity and a whole lot of brain space to learn new things. oh yeah, and the ability to think outside of the box. 

You can try to look for jobs at Elance, O-desk or Virtual Staff Finder, Make sure you have a portfolio to present from your previous freelance jobs and of course, for beginners like me, you really just need determination in looking for openings. 

Photo not mine.

3. EVENTS - Be it management, coordination or planning, all of these will guarantee that you will take home a little extra. I was a junior event coordinator for Simple Joys Wedding and Events before I got pregnant and I took home a clean thousand per event! We got bonuses too depending on the events and of course our performance.  Not bad for a Mom who needs to buy diapers and milk eh? 

There are courses you can take to be able to learn some skills needed for this certain gig. But then again, I would recommend that if you have a friend who can hook you up, ask them because your best source of experience is doing it hands-on. I also have friends who have gone from an event coordinator to putting up their own events management companies who still continue to thrive in this industry. 

What you'll need? Patience, physical endurance because it will take a lot of walking, even running! and of course, your creativity. 

At one of the wedding I was a junior coordinator in. 

4. ONLINE ENGLISH TEACHER - If you have a knack for teaching, can adhere to strict schedule and can deal with Korean, Chinese and Japanese students, then this is a great source of extra income for you too! The good thing is, they offer part-time jobs to those who have full-time and regular jobs who can spare at least 2-3 hours of their day to teach. 

All you need is great command of the English language, creativity in teaching and engaging your students, steady internet connection and a quiet place to work. Oh, did I mention this is home-based too? 

You can try applying at 51 Talk, they offer competitive salary packages and manageable schedules. 

Photo grabbed online. 
5. BAKING CAKES AND CUPCAKES: If you have skills in baking, why not put it to good use and bake some awesome goodness that you can sell? An oven, baking tools and recommendation from family and friends are what you need to get this little business off the ground. You can set aside a little time of your day if you are a busy working momma to bake and sell! You can also enlist the help of the people you live with at home.

Again, your creativity and good marketing skills will be essential to drive customers to buy your goodies. Once you take advantage of these, cash will follow and your problems are solved! 

Photo from www.sweetsugarbella.com

See momma? There are  a lot other sources of income that you can take advantage of when times get a little hard. You just need to know what works for you and then begin your journey from there. I hope this helps!

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  1. Hello there Single Momma here too!I've done number 4, and still doing it now, but office based one.. ^_^

    1. good to know mommy! we really have to work double time for the kids right?

    2. good to know mommy! we really have to work double time for the kids right?

  2. Hello there Single Momma here too!I've done number 4, and still doing it now, but office based one.. ^_^