Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family To MUSEO PAMBATA

Our beautiful and colorful history shouldn't be confined within the pages of history books. As parents, we all want our children to be more appreciative of the past and events that made our country and culture the way it is now. 

The sorbetes cart was chosen to be the official logo of Museo Pambata as it embodies its philosophy of involving all the senses in the learning experince. It was designed by UP Fine Arts graduate Pia Recto, 

Unfortunately, some of us have somehow turned over this responsibility to the education system, particularly, the teachers. But what better way for us to instill the sense of patriotism towards our children than walking with them down memory lane in the first of its' kind interactive children's museum in the Philippines?

I myself, took my niece and my 2-year old son, Sofia and Choichoi at Museo Pambata last Saturday and here are my top 10 reasons why you should bring your family to Museo Pambata too:

1. No ordinary museum - unlike traditional museums where the artifacts are displayed behind glass shelves only to be admired not touched, at Museo Pambata, you and your family can have hands-on fun that encourages children to explore and discover various concepts while they play.

There are costumes available for you and your kids to wear and take pictures.

2. Affordable Entrance Rates - for only P150 (general admission for 2 years old and up), you will get to explore our country's colorful past.

3. Streetchildren can get in for FREE - this is a good thing as it shows that Museo Pambata advocates education of every pinoy children from every walks of life.

4. Promotes Active Imagination and Play For Children (Even Adults!) - through their various activity nooks and interactive displays, our children's minds are stimulated to be even more inquisitive and eager to learn. Allows our children hands-on discovery.

The importance of marine life displayed and taught at the Kalikasan room.

5. It is well-lit, spacious and properly ventilated - for moms like me who has a rambunctious 2 year old, having plenty of space to move around and play is an important reason why I choose a place to take him to. There is enough parking space to accommodate vehicles. The place being airconditioned is a bonus too!

6. They advocate children's rights and promote good values - this is enough to entice parents to take their children to the museum. Obviously, a child well-informed his/her rights is a set for the future, right?

7. They have a mobile library! - a six-wheeler roving library that houses 3,000 children's books and learning aid which for booklovers like me is truly, truly awesome! I want my boy to appreciate reading too.

8. Museo Pambata is a party and events venue too! - they offer affordable party packages that can make your child's day even more special. They have educational giveaways too!

Educational Materials available at the souvenir shop.

9. They offer trainings, workshops and conferences - their tour guides also serve as art instructors and conduct art, craft and cooking demos as well as storytelling sessions and simple science experiments - a great way for our kids to learn to express themselves!

10. My most favorite reason : They have SEVEN (7) Theme Rooms such as - 

Environment/Kalikasan : there is a simulated forest and seabed where you can go on nature-tripping there is also a herb garden where you and your kids can learn the medicinal properties of some plants. 

Old Manila/Maynila Noon :  this room will take you back to old-century Manila, you can ride the Tranvia, board a Spanish galleon or step into a miniature cathedral and stonehouse.

Old Manila Costumes.

Children in the Global Village/Bata Sa Mundo : will allow you a glimpse of children from around the globe. See dolls in national costume, toys and musical instruments from different countries or play indoor games. 

I Love My Planet Earth : inside this room, children are made aware of global warming, our actions and its' effect on Mother Nature and what you can do to help save the earth.

Career Options/Paglaki Ko : Discover infinite possibilities and visualize yourself in a career of your own choice. 

Marketplace/Pamilihang Bayan : pretend to shop in a row of play stores and practice your entrepreneurial and budgeting skills.

My Body Works/Katawan Ko : see what's inside your body and learn how each part works with the other in making your body function. 

There are other facilities in the museum that you can enjoy with your kids like an indoor library and resource center, gift shop, multi-purpose hall, changing exhibits hall, outdoor theater and playground area.

A display of a galleon in the old manila room

I'll admit, I used to just pass by the Museo Pambata when I happen to be around the Manila area, but I never really took the time to take a peek inside. But when I did, I stepped into another world, much like seeing the past in a child's eye for the very first time.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Museo Pambata this weekend and witness the fusion of the past and the present with your children and have loads of fun like I, my son and my niece did!

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  1. We've been wanting to take the kids to Museo Pambata. Didn't know they have party packages! Will look into it and see if we can do it for our kids. Thanks for the list!