Alaska World Milk Day and My 1st Ever 3K Run

I used to be a runner. No, nothing major, not on some pro or olympic level. It was more of a part of my weight loss journey before I had my son Choi.

3K Finishers

If you're a runner, you'll agree that there is a sort of satisfaction in feeling the wind on your face plus hearing the thumping sound of your soles against the pavement as you strive to break your personal record. Well, at least to me that's how it was. 

So when I got an invitation to join the ALASKA WORLD MILK DAY celebration and saw that I can join the fun run, I immediately signed up along with my 7 year old niece Sofia and my nephew, John Paul. Yes, I was nervous, but I couldn't pass up the chance to give running another try. By the way, I also got curious when I saw that there's such a special day that's all about celebrating the importance of drinking milk to our health. 

World Milk Day is celebrated annually in many countries worldwide, providing an opportunity to focus attention on milk as a global food central to health and well-being across cultures and nations, and to highlight the contributions connected with milk and the overall dairy industry. 

Fast forward to the day of the event, I was up early brimming with excitement. Though I have been running before, it was my first ever 3k run and my stomach had butterflies, questions like, What if I don't finish? What if I run out breathe? were going through my mind. I had to psyche myself up. Luckily, we finished our 3k run without any glitch and I felt amazing afterwards. 

I also loved how the event was family-centered as it was also an event to celebrate togetherness and bonding with the whole family. Children as young as 2 were already running/walking with their parents and it was endearing to watch. There were tents everywhere for the convenience of the families who participated in the event. Free milk, healthy sandwiches and energy drinks were available too. I even enjoyed the Zumba class which was in sync with other parts of the country. We danced our hearts out!

But most of all, it was so awesome of ALASKA to put together such an amazing event. It is of primary importance that we show our kids the value of family quality time, taking care of our health and of course drinking ALASKA milk! We hope to join again next time!

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