Unilab : 70th Year Celebration Honors Unsung Heroes

Unilab, the most trusted maker of household brands such as Biogesic, Ceelin, Neozep and Enervon is celebrating it's 70 years of unparalelled service in the industry. This celebration also marks the launch of it's latest corporate campaign, "AlamNamin" through a digital film. 

This Unilab campaign aims to honor and give gratitude to the unsung heroes of our generation who continue to embody Husay at Malasakit without asking nor expecting anything in return. These heroes are our loved ones, members of the family who works quietly and unnoticed to ensure their loved ones get the best in life. Our parents who worked hard to give us, their children the life we deserve. Physicians, healthcare professionals, who work diligently, sometimes free of charge to give quality healthcare services to their patients. These heroes are our drugstore partners who constantly go to great lengths to makes sure that vital medicines reach far-flung places.

Unilab is aware how these unsung heroes embody husay at malasakit to give their best possible care and service to the people they love. This display of the intrinsic Filipino values inspire Unilab to continuously give their best to develop products and services that are easy on the pocket and readily accessible to everyone so that Filipinos is cared for the way we all should be. 

From research to quality compliance,  marketing, promotion and distribution, from their products to their brand ambassadors - Unilab only invests in everything that is focused on the well-being of Filipinos throughout their health journey. Husay at Malasakit is an expression of what Unilab embodies and its' very core. 

What started as a small, corner drugstore  has grown into the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the country - Unilab. 

Today, Unilab and its' products remain the leading and most trusted household products by Filipino families. Some of Unilab's popular over the counter brands are Ceelin, Enervon, Biogesic, Alaxan, Solmux, Neozep, Bioflu, Revicon, Dolfenal and Myra E. Some of Unilab's top prescription brands are Vidastat (simvastatin), Lifezar (Lozartan K), Combizar (Losartan K + HCTZ), Zegen (Cefuroxime), Levox (Levoflaxacin). 

Watch this video and think about your own unsung heroes, it's time we pay them back:

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