Sky Garden Steak House and All The Special Reasons to Stay at ACE Hoteland Suites


Guys! Let's admit it, there's a big foodie in everyone of us. Well, at least, I have. Eating and breathing always go together for me. I like doing restaurant and food reviews as it makes me happy sharing my gastronomic journey with my readers and friends. 

So when the people from ACE Hotel and Suites invited some members of #CertifiedBloggers which I am proudly a part of for a private food tasting event, I heartily said yes. 

ACE VIP CARD - allows you to enjoy perks and points. 

Located at the heart of Kapitolyo, Pasig in Metro Manila stands this elegant hotel. Just a stone's throw away from the luxurious shopping malls and business districts of Shaw and Ortigas Center. This hotel is also less than 7-kilometers drive from the Makati CBD and about 13 km. from Manila International and Domestic Airports. "Tranquility amidst chaos" is what ACE Hotel and Suites primary offer. 

Find. Stay. Sleep. ACE Hotel and Suites is easily accessible. No need to pull out your rocket science skills as it is right in the heart of the bustling Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Stay in the oasis of calm when you book your stay at ACE Hotel and Suites. They offer extraordinary hydrotherapy massages at Ace Water Spa. Celebrate milestones, enjoy quality time with friends and family or have a little work-life balance at their fabulous ballrooms, private function rooms, restaurants, bar and videoke rooms.

"Wake up to rooms you've always dreamed of staying in." ACE Hotel and Suites offers an oasis inside their towering building. From Deluxe Rooms to Suites to long-staying guest bedrooms, they have it all! 

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One Bedroom Suite. With complimentary wine and breakfast. 

Relax. Rejuvinate. TASTE. Have a relaxing spa "ME"-time or simply, revive or refresh your tired body at the ACE Water Spa. But hey! There are ways for our kids to enjoy at the spa too. 

Delight the shopaholic in you at their various shops, banks and BERT LOZADA Swim School too!

Whet your appetite at their various restaurants and bar. From Ace Coffee Lounge, Ace Buffet. Sky High Bar to my new favorite SKY GARDEN LOUNGE and


Yes, this steak house offers incomparable dining experience. Located at the 8th floor of Ace Hotel and Suites - Sky Garden Steak House offers a romantic yet vibrant atmosphere from Tuesdays - Sundays between 6PM - 10PM.


We were offered a sumptuous sit-down, fine dining 6 course meal. And yes, it was incomparable, unforgettable and something I will gladly encourage you to try with your friends and loved ones. Let me take you through my journey.

Facilities and Ambiance

Subdued, romantic, high class yet vibrating with energy. These are the words that came to my mind the moment I stepped inside the foyer of the Sky Garden Steak House. The tasteful choice of decor, chairs and tables to the lighting made me think that this is not just another ordinary steak house in the city. Who wouldn't want a view of the Makati - Pasig skyline while dining too?

The Staff and their Service

I give two thumbs up for the smiling and efficient service rendered to us by the people of Sky Garden. I knew it wasn't just because it was a private event but there's a certain genuine charm in the way their manager and staff greeted and served us. You can't fake real. 


Talented, sexy and entertaining singer, Charlotte graced us with her singing prowess, witty one-liners and charming smile. She sang songs that have appropriate genre for the night's festivity. 

6-Course Set Meal for P 1, 299

Appetizer - Shrimp and Curry 

Delightful to the taste buds. Shrimp is my favorite so I was a bit "bitin" (wanting for more) with the serving but hey, an appetizer is an appetizer, designed to tease your tongue until the main event. I expected a chili appetizer since it was curry, but no, it was a mix of sweet and salty and how curry is supposed to be. But, it's not your ordinary curry, it's green and yummy. 

Bread and Dip -  Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto

I can't explain why, but one of my most favorite when dining is the part where they serve us with bread and dip. No matter what bread, what dip at any resto, I excitingly await how the dip will taste like, Sky Garden's garlic bread with mushroom antipasto didn't fail me. It was baked to perfection, like eating carbonara or baked macaroni. I had more than my fair share. Hahaha

Soup - Seafood Consomme or Cream of Pumpkin and Carrot

I chose Seafood Consomme. I won't deny it, though it looked tempting, it was too salty for my taste. It was not bad but I guess, the mushrooms need a little smaller portions. I also tasted the Cream of Pumpkin and Carrot, and that soup, I'll admit, I enjoyed better. It wasn't as smooth as I was able to taste bits and pieces of either the pumpkin or the carrot, but the taste brought me to Tagaytay. It was like eating bulalo. I liked it better. 

Main Course - OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin served with Mashed Potato, Corn and Vegetables (300G)

The plating was perfect. All the side dishes were strategically placed to entice you to devour that 300g steak to your heart's content. I noticed though, that for a steak house, they didn't ask us how we wanted our steak cooked. I usually have mine well-done. They served the steak cooked medium - well. Not one to waste food, I ate mine though I still see some red juices which usually make me feel nauseous but this time, I surprisingly enjoyed my meal. Not so soft yet juicy to the bite, their striploin is a must order when you visit Sky Garden Steak House. Just make sure to tell them how you prefer it. I ordered Red Wine to go with my steak. I am no wine expert, but the one served to me went well with my steak.

Dessert - Creme Brulee

Just like I expected it, their Creme Brulee tasted like something my grandma whipped up. It was homemade and familiar. Served in a very romantic and creative way. I liked it!

Drinks - Brewed Coffee

Well, need I say more? It's coffee. Enough to take away that too full feeling I acquired by eating all that 300g goodness! Haha

Price - easy on the pocket, I tell ya! A six course meal costs about P 1, 299 pesos and kiddie meals costs about P 250.00. Not bad huh?


Sky Garden Steak House is the perfect place for a date with your husband, boyfriend or even the "it's complicated" other half. It is a perfect place for a family gathering, intimate dinner with your friends or even dinner by yourself. Romantic, elegant, entertaining and homey - words that may not really go together normally but fitting description of the place. I give Sky Garden Steak House at ACE HOTEL AND SUITES 5 out of 5. 


Here are 4 special reasons to stay at ACE HOTEL AND SUITES. It's because this hotel is:

1. Affordable   - their suites, restos and other amenities are priced reasonably without compromising elegance which hotels are supposed to have. 

2. Accessible - whether you take a cab, ride a bike or drive your car. WAZE, Google maps or simply asking for directions will easily get you to ACE Hotel and Spa without any hassle.

3. Elegant - tastefully designed rooms and lounge, this hotel shouts simple yet classy ambience. Enough to make you feel like high-class without intimidating you

4. Relaxing - the spa, massage and sauna are enough to lure you into a sense of deep calm and relaxation that all of us who battle the urban rat race everyday need at least once or twice. 

So if you're dreaming or planning a staycation soon, it is best to choose to stay at ACE HOTEL AND SUITES and if you need a place to satisfy your craving for the perfect affordable steak - then head on out to SKY GARDEN STEAK HOUSE. 

For inquiries and bookings, visit their website ACE HOTEL AND SUITES. For table reservations at SKY GARDEN STEAK HOUSE, CALL 628-1888. Follow them on INSTAGRAM : SKY GARDEN STEAK HOUSE

Some members of Certified Bloggers at SKY GARDEN STEAK HOUSE. 

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  1. Bilis magpost!!! :) Hahahha! Till next time sis. I love attending events with you guys talaga.

  2. A very beautiful place. I would go there with my girlfriend. But if you want to relax yourself then I will recommend this place . Very cool sauna where there is all you need.