10 Useful Tips On Becoming A Creative Entrepreneur

They say, when you decide to turn your passion into something profitable - you need to be different  and creative. Well, after attending the Creative Entrepreneurship Summit by Writers Block Philippines founded by Anna and Nikki. I realized, it takes more than these 2 traits to make it in the fast rising creative business industry. 

With Ana Santos of Writers Block Philippines 

The summit had a roster of successful creative people whom, one way or another decided to take a leap of faith and believed in themselves. So, if you want to be like them (I know I do!) here are 10 Useful Tips that can help pave your way into becoming another successful creative entrepreneur in the country:

1. Ask yourself, what's your business being in business? - what's on your plate that will make people interested? What is your motivation? According to Ross Juan - money shouldn't be your only motivation. Always think - you have everything you need to create something bigger than yourself. 

Ross - owner of Commune, Social Media Strategist for different small and medium enterprises

2. Know your platform - be aware that each social media platform that you use or will use has a corresponding audience. According to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, Instagram and its' audience are after pretty pictures - your design should always be an artwork. 

Anton Diaz sharing his know-hows' and how Awesome Planet - a travel and lifestyle blog came to be. 

3. Ask yourself the difficult question: What are you willing to give up to pursue your passion? - RJ Ledesma, a man with so many hats said, "Don't quit your day job if you don't have to!"

RJ Ledesma was the Royal Tru Orange endorser in his teens, events host, author with bestsellers under his name and many more. 

4. Find your competitive advantage within the creative industry - another tip from RJ, look at wha you're good at that others haven't done yet. Then hone your craft. 

5. Persist amidst failure - useful advice from Darlyn Ty founder of Belle De Jour Power Planner. Of course, you won't be an instant success. You will fail at one point or two. But persistence and doing what is necessary and going above it to get things done will take you straight to the path of success. 

With Ms. Darlyn Ty

6. Live Curious - another useful tip from Darlyn. It pays to always be in the know about the latest trends. Research.

7. Be Shareable - says Josh Villanueva - YouTube Content Creator. Present something that others can learn from. Produce clear information.

Josh Villanueva - YouTube Content Creator

8. Collaborate - take advantage of your network. Accept or give sponsorships & partnerships. There are hundreds of communities, individuals or companies willing to promote what you do.

Tip from Ms. Mina Esguerra - contemporary writer

9. Branding - It is important to turn a common name into something people will remember. Said Vince Golangco - founder of When In Manila. 

Vince Golangco - When In Manila.

10. Pricing - Don't be afraid to charge yourself or your services according to the industry's standards. People are willing to pay for good quality results. 

But really my dear readers, before we all start from tip 1 - 10, there is something we all need to do first - Get off our tushies and be our awesome creative selves!!! 

I created a little inspiration board and made it my Facebook Cover Photo too!

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  1. this is so inspiring, some points were really useful to me. thanks for sharing :)

  2. This was a life-changing, perspective-shifting workshop for me.

  3. You never missed the details Nessie! :)

  4. Your so good at this. Every important detail summed up. Thanks!

  5. Very detailed and helpful post for wannabe creatives like me. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for sharing these 10 useful tips! We have a small business before but we had to close it down.

  7. Nice bebe! Yes, the only event na lahat ng points eh relevant as in! Love it and most of all, I enjoyed it kasi I got to be with you and may.

  8. Thank you for sharing these tips :)
    Sobrang gusto ko mag put up ng business, kaso I can't find my niche yet. hehe! I want to put up my own bakeshop sana, kaso i don't know how to bake naman. basta i want something shabby chic sana :)

  9. Very important points concisely explained! This is a very good "cascade" of the workshop you attended. Good job!