Choi started trying to walk when he was around 10 months old.  As a mom, it was a red flag for me, telling me that  my boy is growing up so fast. Of course, being a paranoid and protective mom that I am, I wanted to make sure he would be spared from the bumps and bruises a kid gets when they get to this stage. 

So, some months ago, before Choi turned one, I went shopping, I was in Baby Company at Rockwell Power Plant Mall when I happened to stumble upon these cute thingies I thought were just plain socks. When I looked closer, I was surprised to see, it has a rubber sole/rubber bottom, it hit me, these are the exact pair I wanted my son to wear! 

I didn't buy them at that instant though, I wanted to be sure, so I did a little research first, I checked out the website: - I was surprised to find they had a wide array of shoes to choose from! Needless to say, I went back and bought Choi his first pair. 

I wanted Choi to be safe pre-walking up to now when he is capable to walk/run on his own. My boy has really big feet and yet the first pair I bought him, still fits up to now, they're so flexible and comfortable that I never see him having difficulties with any pair he wears. 

       Here's a size guide for mommies who plan to purchase Skidders for their kids. 

True to their testimony, Skidders are:

-Non slip on tile and wood floors 
-Comfortable - sof and breathable
-Safety tested and approved

From then up to now, I still buy Choi a pair everytime I have extra and whenever I'm at Baby Company. Aside from comfort and safetry, their designs are also cute and stylish that it can complete Chois' outfit of the day too! My goal is to get him all of the designs that's available for his age. 

                     These are Chois' current pairs of Skidders. 

Our tiled floors poses no danger to Choi everytime he is in the mood to walk or run around the house. 

Over all, for mommies who are looking for a pair of shoes that is safe for their pre-walking babies and toddlers, Skidders are the best shoes to buy. The upside also is that Skidders are so affordable, you can get your kid a pair at any Baby Company Branch for only P249.75 pesos! I must say, SKIDDERS are a best buy for a protective mommy like me! 

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. Wow, very affordable at P250 and washable pa. :)

    1. yes mommy michi. for tipid moms like me, it's a best buy :-)

  2. I must say, these are the perfect footwear for babies and toddlers

  3. Tipid! And your baby sure loves Skidders. What a collection.

  4. These are so nice! Wish we had these when my kiddo was little. I used to put non-slip stickers at the bottom of his socks. Super effort.