Happy Halloween! | My Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

Just in time for the halloween season...being a horror movie junkie myself, I have decided to list down my TOP 10 SCARIEST HORROR MOVIES that scared me out of my wits and you can look up for tonights' horror movie fest with the family. 

1. Insidious1 - the story of a man and his son who travels in the dark realm in their sleep, Resulting to evil spirits following them and try to take over their lives. 
2. Insidious 2 - this time, they identify who the evil entity that followed and haunts them. The Part 2, believe me, is much much scarier than the first part! 
3. The Conjuring - a series of paranormal events happen to a family after they move in to their new farm house. Shows how evil can easily prey on weak spirits. 
4. Deliver Us From Evil - based on the account of a former NY police who encountered a case that is more paranormal than criminal. 
5. Anabelle - a haunted doll. a vulnerable mother and a little baby during the "helter skelter" days. The movie explains the story of how Anabelle the haunted doll came to be. 

All based on true events!!! If that doesn't scare the pants out of you, I don't know what else will! The fact that it happened to real life people will drive you bonkers thinking, what if it happens to me?  

6. The Maid - the story of a young Filipina who was forced to work as a maid in Singapore to pay for her sick brothers' treatment. Sounds simple huh? How about arriving there during HUNGRY GHOST MONTH? You be the judge! 

7. The Exorcist - from the Beginning to the last franchise, this movie kept me awake for many nights. The movie will make you assess the power of good versus evil and how weak can someones' spirit be for evil to enter their soul. 

8. Shutter - this Japanese movie is about a photographer who was haunted by the spirit of the brokenhearted girl who fell in love with him. Unrequited, she commits suicide and decides to piggyback on the mans' shoulder. This movie is one scary stuff! Why? Imagine seeing the apparition of the girl through the lenses of your camera? 

9. Feng Shui - the movie centers on a woman who gets a series of lucky streaks after she accidentally picks up and takes home the "Bagwa" only to realize that for every lucky event, a loved one has to perish in deaths related to their birth year. This Tagalog horror movie is one of the scariest for me. Why? Because I dreamt of lotus feet in the middle of the night after watching this! 

10. Ouija - this is the most recent movie I've seen on the big screen. The movie is about a group of friends who try to contact their best friend who died after playing Ouija alone. The friend accidentally awakened the spirits of the old inhabitants of their house, after which, a series of unexplainable scary events haunt her friends. Get ready to be scared for this movie has more "gulat" factors than the first 9 I have seen. 

So, what are you waiting for? On the scariest night of the year, grab a tub of popcorn, gather your family or friends and watch these movies that are sure to keep you awake long after their credits! Boo! 

How about you? What's your favorite horror movie? 

Rolled Into One Mom

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  1. The conjuring was never scary for me.
    Mine would be