A WAHMDERFUL New Experience For Rolled Into One Mom | The Work-At-Home Weekend Expo 2014

Blogging has definitely expanded my network. My friends/colleagues list balooned from a few to many and I welcome that change with open arms! 

Recently, I decided to give joining a blog giveaway contest a try. I saw Marg of The Happy WAHM (http://thehappywahm.com/) post a giveaway contest wherein you could win an ALL ACCESS Pass to The Work-At-Home Weekend Expo 2014 by Manila Workshops (http://instagram.com/manilaworkshops) (https://www.facebook.com/manilaworkshops) and WAHMDERFULLIFE.COM (https://www.facebook.com/WAHMderfulLife) (http://wahmderfullife.com/)

Needless to say, I won! My excitement was so high that I marked the days till October 25! 

So yesterday, though I was a few hours late - I went to the 12th floor of the Insular Life Building and psyched myself to drink up on all the takeaways I'm sure I was going to get. 

Like I said, I arrived late so I apologized profusely to Marge when I ran into her at the reception area for missing her talk on HOW TO LAND YOU FIRST VIRTUAL ASSISTANT GIG. (Mentally kicking myself for missing it!) 

That's me with THE HAPPY WAHM - Marge. 

It was breaktime for the speakers so I had time to go around and check out the booths. The place was packed with Moms and Dads looking to find the perfect loots! 

It's a mini Blogapalooza for Moms and Dads alike! 

I had so much fun looking around! Those that caught my fancy were the goodies from:

BEBENGS' KITCHEN (https://www.facebook.com/BebengsKitchen)(http://instagram.com/bebengskitchen) - nicely packaged in cute little jars, I tried the chili sauce and the sweet n' spicy bagoong. Yummy yet affordable! Go get one now! :-)

ISABEL BAKES (https://www.facebook.com/Isabelbakes)(http://instagram.com/isabelbakes) I took home the Creamcheese Fudge Brownies and it was a hit - for me and my family! Soft and sweet - delightful!

THE CAKE LAB (https://www.facebook.com/jointhecakelab) yummy green tea cupcakes are a must eats'! 

At exactly 1'oclock, we were notified that the next talk was about to start. This time it was about HOW TO SUCCEED & NOT SUCK AT SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT by Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas. (http://theonlytribunepost.blogspot.com/ ) Literally a woman of all trades! She does everything and still manage to do all her tasks in high heels! 

What I most remember from the things she shared are: Strategy and Command To Become An Influencer "You cannot be an influencer if you don't know anyone." Plus 3 points she told us we must remember:

*To become an influencer - be with influencers
*Make a lot of friends
*Be Visible

How Not To Suck At Social Media Management - by Engineer Grace Bondad Nicolas

After a short break, Dandy C. Victa took over and discussed How To Legalize Your Business The Hassle Free Way. Boy, oh boy! It was another helpful topic for me as I also sideline as a mompreneur. I established an online shop back in 2012 and so far, taxes and such still boggle me! Add me: 
https://www.facebook.com/shoppersstoponlineshopofficial?ref=ts&fref=ts lol! Mostly focused on taxes and how to register your business. He was very helpful yet for a clueless mom like me, I need one whole day for this! 

At 3PM, my techie idol Jennyfer Ang Tan of the The Techie Mom (http://thetechiemom.com/)(https://www.facebook.com/TheTechieMom) discussed How To Use and Care For Your Investment. Of course, for Work At Home Mommas, our laptops, desktops and other gadgets are our allies. The Techie Mom Jen, shared her technical know hows about what to do and what NOT to do with our gadgets to help them live longer. Note to self: MAINTENANCE IS EVERYTHING. 


It was a choice between Eating Right and Easy Meals by Lourdes Labil or How To Create A Business Plan & Reach Your Perfect Client by Joy Gurtiza. Since, I am a mompreneur, the latter caught my interest so I proceeded to Seminar Hall B and chose the business plan topic. 

The talk was short and quick to fully discuss the topic and yet there's one thing that Joy said which stuck with me: "STOP obsessing about the worst-case scenario and START creating the business of your dreams."  

I realized, there is no better day than TODAY to push through with whatever plans you have. No excuses. 

How To Create A Winning Business Plan - That's me with Ms. Joy Gurtiza

To sum it all up, The Work-At-Home Expo 2014 (http://instagram.com/manilaworkshops) just added loads of information to my list of "Everything I Need To Know". Now, that I am slowly transistioning to a work at home mom, I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend this event and get to know people who will be a part of my journey. 

Of course, the sponsors of the event deserves a lot of thanks for supporting the event. The major sponsors were 88DB.com (http://beta.88db.com.ph/VOffice (http://www.voffice.com.ph/) Insular Life (http://www.insularlife.com.ph/) UBER (https://www.facebook.com/uberpilipinas?brand_redir=1) UNILAB (http://www.unilab.com.ph) The WAHMDERFULLIFE.COM (https://www.facebook.com/WAHMderfulLife)(http://wahmderfullife.com) and Manila Workshops (http://instagram.com/manilaworkshops) too for spearheading the event. 

Credits to Photomark Lightworks Inc. (https://www.facebook.com/PhotoMarkPhilippines?ref=ts&fref=ts) for taking this awesome photo! 

Woot! Woot! This is my Certificate of Attendance. So official! Hehehe

I am so looking forward to next years' Work At Home Expo! 

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. You know, this is one of my biggest regrets this year. The WAHM expo! I should've signed up for this, kaya lang super sunod sunod ang schedule this month, kawawa naman ang asawa ko, haha. :)Glad you loved the experience. Did you join the WAHMderful community on FB na? :)

  2. Wow, it seems that it is very informative event. I wish I joined this event, sana next year Saturday pa rin event. :)

  3. WOW! the event is informative and yet looks like a lot of fun!

  4. It is quite inspiring to read this post. I can feel the happiness and enthusiasm oozing out from you. I am happy that you are enjoying every bit of blogging.

  5. Congratulations on attending the WAHMderful event. It's good that you were able to learn a lot from the speakers.

  6. I wanted to go here but didn't. Your post made me realize how much I missed. I'll make sure I'll attend next time, no excuses anymore.

  7. I love my fellow WAHMs! So eager to learn and all are very welcoming and helpful.