10 Life Lessons I Wish My Son Would Learn

Life is a rollercoaster ride - you may not always win but it sure is worthwhile. I have been through so many experiences in my life - some happy, some tumultuous but I sometimes end up victorious.

As a parent, we hope that our children won't go through the same hard knocks or that they may also experience the same victories and hopefully they grow up to be good.

I want, well correction, I wish my son would be a naturally happy kid when he grows up. I know I can't predict what the future holds but I can always pray that he takes the road to being a better person. I wish that he'd be God fearing and that he becomes someone he can be proud of when he looks at himself in the mirror, of course, being a man that "I" can be proud of is going to be such a big bonus. 

There are 10 lessons in life that took me a while to understand that I am hoping my son would learn earlier in his life. Here goes:

1. Happiness is a decision - you have to consciously decide to be happy every single day. It's not something you have to expect from others. And it won't definitely come from material things. It must start within you.

2. Never compromise your beliefs - fight for what you believe in. Others may not agree with you but at least you will get your point across. Let them have something to chew on boy! BUT - 

3. Always be open to other people's ideas too - respect their beliefs. You are not Wikipedia so you won't always get everything right all the time.

4. Handle your finances well - take care of your credit standing. Save for the rainy days and spend on what's important. Live within your means. 

5. Chivalry should never die - always be a gentleman. Open doors for ladies, say please and thank you, offer your seat to women and old people. Be well mannered but never be a pushover. 

6. Forgiveness will set you free - don't hold on to anger. Never bear grudges and past hurts. Forgiving someone won't make you a lesser person - it will give you a lot less baggage to carry. 

7. People love in different ways - Don't expect others to love you the way you love them. Let them express their love for you in their own way. But don't let them abuse you. Expectations lead to disappointments. Just give what you can and don't regret. 

8. Believe in the goodness of humanity - know that even though there are people who will take advantage of your kindness, there's always going to be more who will have your best interest at heart. 

9. Mama may not always be right but she will always have a point - enough said. 

10. There's always, always something to be thankful for - life is unfair. And you will see proof of that from time to time. There's always going to be someone smarter, richer or better than you, but you can always work with what you have. Learn to be grateful for the life you have and the ability to turn things around for yourself. Gratitude turns whatever you have into enough. 

The fact remains, that experience is the best teacher. Nothing will ever be a better learning tool than experiencing life firsthand. 

I know my boy will have to make mistakes, a lot of them, to get it right but as his mom, I have made an unconscious decision to love him, guide him and accept him - flaws and all. All I can do is sit back and hope against all hopes that he will choose the right track. 

He is just one year old to date and I know I am jumping a thousand steps ahead but I hope one day, he gets to read this and see the thing I have learned in my life and be proud of me. 

Rolled Into One Mom


  1. Nice lessons, I agree with everything especially Chivalry not being dead because I think some guys now dont practice now.

    1. haha, diba? i want him to be a gentleman and respectful of women and elders. i believe it's what the society is lacking nowadays.

  2. I love your list. It is true that we need to teach good values because it is our role to raise a good son and daughter. :)

    1. i just hope he learns it all. it is indeed fulfilling to see them grow up well mannered.

  3. I am keeping this list with me and printing it to post on the wall:-) Thanks for sharing :-) I love it!

    1. thanks sis, i believe it is valuable to raise well mannered with positive outlook children, especially in a world that's full of negativity nowadays.

  4. I will let my boys read your article for them to be able to know what manhood really is. Thanks for sharing and hopefully they will learn from it and live with it.