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Aside from deciding whether working at home is for you, of course, you need to decide whether you want a plain and functional working space or you want something bright, roomy and yet functional nook.

I have recently discovered that there's a little artistic side to me and I discovered an app that would help me play with my imagination. I myself is still in the process of going through the basic checklist of someone who is opting to work at home, I still haven't decided at what part of the house I'd like to place my soon to be home office soon. 

So to help y'all out there who's going through the same journey as me, I have compiled some of the home office space designs that I have been working on. The following are only inspirations though, it's up to you to look for the best places to buy the same pieces at a cheap price. 

Signs of citrus - a combination of yellow and green for a relaxed and light
home office space.

Teal themed office space - for beach lovers who would like an ocean 
feel while working

Black and white combination for those who would like to stick to a conservative
theme for their workspace

Red and grey - ideal for condo dwellers who would like to make space for
a home office. 

Earthly colors - brown and yellow gives a calm vibe for an easier working atmosphere

These guides/palettes are my designs to help out those who need to figure out an ideal work area for a home based office. I was once told by a friend that affordable furnitures can be found at either Divisoria or Cubao. I haven't gone there myself but because of these inpirations, I might pay those places a visit one of these days. 

I hope this helps! 

Rolled Into One Mom

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