Precautions Against Dengue: Mosquito Sticks (Citronella)

One of my tasks being the Chairwoman of the Health and Sanitation Committee in our barangay (community) is to make regular Dengue Prevention Campaign to make sure there are a few much more zero dengue cases amongst our constituents. 

Together with our Barangay Health Workers and the Clean and Green Committee, we regularly activities like larvae trapping to monitor streets that are positive with dengue mosquitoes and "budbod" where we spray powder to prevent on stagnant waters to prevent "kiti-kiti" from hatching and becoming full blown mosquitoes. 

But of course, we can only do so much. We also need to enlist the help of our entire community to do regular clean ups around their area. Like what I always joke about when I receive dozens of complaints about there being too many mosquitoes, I tell them "I'm not the mosquito whisperer". The rainy seasom really does bring a lof of them around and fogging is never a primary option unless there is an outbreak. 

Personally, I am not immune to the throngs of mosquitoes who like to fly everywhere. My home is not mosquito proof. So I have tried to come up with preventive measures to lessen if not totally eliminate the little pests. My family and I have bought too many off lotions and mosquito patches for our babies at home. Obviously, it doesn't get rid of them but at least they avoid the smell. 

Last night, while walking around Rockwell Power Plant mall, I decided to take a peek at my favorite home store, Dimensione, they offer a variety of cute novelty items that I like buying all the time. I was fascinated with their cord ties which I found very useful to organize my chargers wires, when I looked around, there, I saw - Mosquito Sticks - Citronella. Of course, me being tired of the darned mosquitoes swarming our home, I checked out the sticks. They are like incense that you light up when you're doing feng-shui or offering a prayer at the temple. It smelled like how it says on the packet - citronella. 

           Say goodbye to "katol" - these babies smell good i tell ya! 

CAUTION: make sure to be able to place them where you can see them to prevent fire. 

There are two sizes, the regular thin sizes which cost about P119 pesos and the large thick ones that cost about P179 pesos. Affordable huh? They can even be a substitute for air fresheners. They really smell good! 

All you need to do is look for a jar or bottle to put them on, I would advice to put old newspaper underneath to prevent the ashes from scattering on the floor. Light up the tip and watch as the mosquitoes slowly fly away from the area. 

We can only do so much at our end in the barangay council, I also believe that taking our own personal measures will help to be able to prevent diseases such as dengue from spreading all over the country.

You see, they may not totally eliminate mosquitoes but at least they can keep them away. They say, prevention is better than cure. So save yourself from huge hospital bills and worries. Get yourself a mosquito stick. 

Visit Dimensione at the 3rd level of Rockwell Power Plant Mall or check out for their products. 

Rolled Into One Mom

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  1. Does citronella really work? I've always been curious. Unfortunately, our house has lots of mosquitoes who seem to enjoy targeting me, especially. I think they've become immune to Katol haha. Thanks so much for this post; I'll definitely give it a try! :)

    The Noob Wife