"SHIFT, ALT, CAREERS" | Turn Your Hobby Into Career

Why not turn your passion into a source of extra income? That's what I ask myself everytime I face my PC and decide to blog about something. But then again, I ask myself, where do I begin? HOW do I begin? And the most important question: is it for me?

Good thing there are people like Ms. Janette Toral, Evan Tan, Rea Yadao and Charlie Aquino? Why? Because help is on its' way! 

A seminar for newbie digital moms like me and other professionals who hope to make a career out of our online passion. "SHIFT, ALT, CAREERS!"

For only P2,000 pesos, (which normally costs around P5,000 pesos) you will learn if an online career is for you, the services you can offer, preparing your online profile and how to find online jobs. Perks also await those who will attend! A real value for your money huh? 

But wait there's more! If you register at http://bit.ly/ojuevent before August 16, 2014 - you will have to pay only P1,470 pesos, an early bird rate! This event is organized by OnlineJobsUniversity.com http://onlinejobsuniversity.com/ 

I am definitely going to attend this event. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for us digital peeps! A start up to taking our passion to the next level! So press: SHIFT, ALT, CAREERS and reserve a slot! 

To register: go to http://bit.ly/ojuevent

See you there! 

Sponsored by: AXA, The Digital Filipino.Com, REA and Sophie Creatives 
Organized by: OnlineJobsUniversity.com http://onlinejobsuniversity.com/

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