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Doubting Whale

I'm an elected official in our barangay (community) and I had this theory that since I was voted to the 2nd spot for the 2nd time, I had this leadership thing down pat. I have been invited to leadership enhancement seminars free or paid so many times and I have gently declined thinking I didn't need to learn any more since I'm already here - where I am. 

So when my friend, Millie notyourordinarymum.com ,  whom I haven't seen for 8 years, invited me, I was ready to refuse the offer since I figured, "AKNY" (Alam ko na yon!), I already know what it's about.  Maybe it was out of curiosity, call me "gaya-gaya" (copycat) or perhaps it was the way she enticingly sold the idea to me and I had a strong desire to pursue my blogging hobby completely - I agreed. Well, she had to,pull some strings for me to get in and for that I'm thankful. 

The Clincher

Fast forward to the 25th, she told me I got in, and I was excited, I posted about it a few times on my FB status, hey, it made me sound important. Haha. I checked out the site http://leaderbootcamp.digitalfilipino.com and the courses available got my attention like how my celebrity crush Tom Rodriguez would whenever his face appeared on the boob tube. The title itself, "DIGITAL LEADERS BOOT CAMP" sounded so impressive, I had to see it for myself. 

The Big Day

The next day, armed with anticipation, my usual tardy self appeared at the modern Best Western Antel Suites at A-Venue, Makati. Of course, it was my first time but I was determined to show a brave front so that they wouldn't know I was fresh meat. 

The air bustled with digital excitement. Everybody either had a virtual life or a leadership position - all expecting to get something different from the event. After the introductions, the module was presented in a manner fit the 4 hour schedule. 

Upper left: Joc of Antel Suites welcoming us to the venue.
Upper right: #Air21 - the major sponsor of the event prepping for their product debut
Lower left: My name tag, pens and paper. 
Lower right: Had to do a quick pose to show the venue and sponsor 😄

The speaker, Ms. Janette Toral, though pressed for time had me awestruck with how she discussed leadership. One topic - fit to be practiced in different areas , not just in the online world. She quoted John Maxwell more than a few times "Everyone Communicates, Few Connects". 

She subtly influenced the audience to find our passion and to go after it. And in my case, to always have people as part of your Top 3 passions. 

The Wisdom

It's as good as saying that it's okay not being better than the rest. - the key is to be different.

Ms. Janet shared the Pillars of Influence and how it can either make or break your place in the digital world or even in real life at that.

*Popularity - building goodwil, targeting an area.
*Relevant -  being trustworthy amd dependable. Building authority.
*Resonance - all about empathy and frequency of reaching to your audience.

Focus. Find your passion. Transform. Always start with yourself.

She particularly pointed out that sometimes, how we look at others and think negatively of them is how we see ourselves. 

Make THINKING a usable skill:

Clarity. Be clear about your passion, intention and purpose. "Begin with the end in mind".

What stuck in my head: If you want to connect on common ground: swallow your pride, establish friendship. 

For the rest of the module and if you want to be transformed, the same way I was, visit: www.leaderbootcamp.digitalfilipino.com sign up and check out the courses that will change the way you go about your leadership approach, 

The Speaker

With Ms. JanetteToral. The brain behind the DigitalFilipino Digital Leaders Bootcamp.

"The DigitalFilipino Digital Leaders Boot Camp is an advocacy of Janette Toral that aims to help Filipinos aspiring to become digital leaders.

Janette Toral is a disruptive e-commerce and digital marketing advocate since 1995." - (source: leaderbootcamp.digitalfilipino.com) 

The Sponsor

"The Total Logistics Solutions Provider"

Part of the program was Air21's launching of the newest to their many logistics breakthroughs - #Air21OnlineBooking wherein you BOOK.PAY ONLINE.SHIP.

Shipping just got a whole lot more convenient for online entrpreneurs like me. 😄 While this new service is being discussed, I wanted to grab a chair, put my feet up and say, finally, my shipping problems are over! 

That being said, I will elaborate this new feature in my next blog. I guess, with the opportunity of growth presented to me by DigitalFilipino through AIR21, I deem it fit to feature them on a totally different blog. 😄 Stay tuned.

The Perks

Well, aside from being able to attend the bootcamp for free, though the fee is just P1000 pesos and worth every penny, these kinds of events won't be as enjoyable without the food, prizes and giveaways at stake! 

Antel Suites served pasta and those little sandwiches I soo love! 
Middle left: my prizes from #AIR21 for joining the "selfie" contest (my forte! selfies...hehe)
Middle: My photo op with the #AIR21Onlinebooking banner while holding my goodies
Middle right: My #Digitalleadersbootcamp customized coffee mug and pin

For a first timer like me, I sure have taken home a lot of goodies to keep me wanting more! 😄

New Ties:

I would like to thank Ms. Sherlane of Rakethub.com for giving me the opportunity to join this leadership bootcamp event. 

I am also thrilled to say that I have gained new friends and inspiration to pursue blogging again. 

Most of all, I'd like to thank my very good friend Millie notyourordinarymum.com - for pushing me to expand my horizons and enhance my knowledge through this kind of event. 


As what Ms. Toral said, "Do not be afraid to fail, quit and start over". For people like me who find it difficult to embrace changes and chickens out most of the time when an opportunity arises, this bootcamp is just the right mix of improvement and development for you! If you think you already are a good leader - think again. There are new approaches and techniques out there that will better enhance what you already have. 

Finally, this has been an awesome and worthwhile experience which I will seek to experience more in the future. Thing are actually looking up for Mama Whale. 😄 

Rolled Into One Mom

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