Prison Break: How my one year old boy escaped free.

No, this is not some police blow by blow account of how some fugitive managed to escape the claws of the law. This is about how my one year old boy broke the net of his crib and walked out of the room without any one of us noticing.

Frankly, I was busy drafting today's blog entry about the digital leaders boot camp I attended this afternoon. I am lost for words, I'm in awe...suffice it to say, I have never seen a kid as clever as my little boy. So for lack of a better word or in my case, words...I asked like a good detective the little cutie pie to re-enact his I took pictures for good measure.

Upper left: the ripped net of his crib (a gift from my brother and sister in law)
Lower left: His gangsta attempt to say "Momma, I don't know what you're talking about!"
Right: This is how my sister found him, barefoot while playing at my parent's bedside.

Of course, pictures aren't enough. I took a video which If I'm lucky, I can upload in a while. He happily showed us how he managed to escape! Clever boy! Bravo!

So, this is it. A day in the life of Mama Whale. The woes of being a single mom I guess, dealing with a rambunctious little boy by myself. But then again, these funny, memorable developments or one I like to call "tricks" are some of the things I would never ever trade anything in the world for. 

Stay tuned for Choi's escape vid! 😄

Rolled Into One Mom

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