A Kid At Heart

In my 26 years of existence, I've always believed that the secret to surviving the chaos that is called life, is to always reach out to the young, fresh and full of hope child's heart that I was blessed with. I figured that even at the most perturbing moments of my life, being a kid will always, always put my mind back in perspective.
On those moments when everything just crumbles down, all I had was tears and friends. The grace, wisdom and maturity I thought I had learned during my growing years seem useless at times.
When this happens - I would think and go back to the times when a candy would give me sugar rush or a cartoon would make me guffaw with childlike, careless abandon. Some seek help from books or from other people deemed to be experts that can provide their two cents and help put things back in perspective. I do these sometimes too - I just opt to use the more fun way. And besides, I was never a "double digit IQ dummy" when I was a kid. (grinning hugely.)

Who could blame me for childishly swooning over F4? Or for girlishly dreaming that one day Lee Min Ho and I would cross paths? So what if Tom and Jerry puts me in stiches? Or that I enjoy kiddie meals and collect pens and Disney thingies? And is it wrong to wish for chocolate candy rainstorms or to keep a coloring book and ride swings at the park?

I have learned that at the hardest of moments, the only salvation I had aside from prayers is to bring out the child in me. To once again appreciate life's simple pleasures seen only through the eyes of a child.

I say, we are never too young or too old to wish for grand things, to go on an adventure, to believe in Santa, Tinkerbell or fairy godmothers. I say, we're never too young or too old, (as what Jun Pyo told Jan Di) to wish to be someone's moon inside someone's star. Age is just a number - fairy tales are not limited to movies, books and songs.

We can't stop the clock from moving and we can't stop the night from bringing in the day . Those that we can't control - we can leave be and for those that we can - we got to put faith, creativity and a whole lot of heart, moreso, a kid's heart.

Rolled Into One Mom

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