no room in his life...

I feel awfully unhappy's like i am meant to be this way for the rest of my life. Funny when he or she talks about their plans, if feels life you are being excluded, left at the sidelines to just smile and go along like your heart isn't breaking into pieces.

Who could blame me when I start planning my life alone? When lately, all I ever seem to do is to look after myself, do things on my on...decide on my own. And when I do manage to reach a concrete decision - I am left without any other choice but to do exactly what they wanted me to do?

Why is it that people expect me to conform and to do what they wish and yet, when I say what I want...I am not given freedom to do it?

Why is it that when I exert big amounts of effort, I am still not doing enough? Why does it always have to be him...them, his friends when not once did he ever asked to meet my friends?


Rolled Into One Mom

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