pls listen to what i am not saying...

Sometimes, the heart needs a little pampering. It needs a little assurance every now and then. And when I say assurance, I mean, not just words but actions.

When we commit to someone, we promise LOVE and HAPPINESS to that person. The 1st step is yes, to tell them in words that we love them and the 2nd step - which is more important - is to show it through actions.

Expensive things isn't gonna cut it. Silly little gestures, gifts from the heart would go a long way. A listening ear, a sensitive heart and an open mind would be the best gifts.

I am saddened that some people think it's silly to ask for these things. I hope you realize that just because you always call - doesn't mean you prove you have all the time in the world. It's easy to make promises but it isn't easy to fulfill them.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm not important. And do you know how that feels? It feels like having your heart stepped on and broken into a million tiny pieces but you cant say anything cause you fear that you're just asking for the impossible.

I wish people would just stop being so selfish for a change.

Rolled Into One Mom

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